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About Batteries

V4L Product Comparison Chart

We offer e-cigarette batteries in three sizes—regular, XL, and short—in automatic and manual styles.
It’s all personal preference, so pick up a couple styles to find what you like to vape.

Automatic or Manual?

Choosing a battery starts here: automatic or manual?
Both have great advantages depending on what you’re in the mood for.

An automatic battery works like a traditional cigarette; just attach a cartomizer and puff. Automatic batteries contain a pressure-sensitive switch activated by inhalation, great for new vapers as it’s most similar to smoking a traditional cigarette. Unsealed with smaller airholes, the draw is a little tighter. Occasionally, a couple primer puffs are needed to warm up the cartomizer.

A manual battery is activated by pressing a small button on the side. Manual batteries quickly warm up the cartomizer, so they produce vapor right away without primer puffs. Because they’re completely sealed, we recommend choosing a manual battery if using blank cartomizers, tanks, and e-liquid. Manual batteries give you a little more control when you’re vaping.

Battery Sizes

Our batteries come in regular, XL, and short sizes. All available in automatic and manual, battery size determines how long you can vape before you battery needs recharging.

With a cartomizer, a regular battery is about the length of a traditional 120 cigarette. Depending on usage, regular batteries last about 3 – 5 hours before needing a recharge. Our best-selling battery size, regular hits that sweet spot for good battery life and good feel in hand.

Measuring about 5.5 inches with a cartomizer, XL has the longest battery life, lasting about 8 hours between charging cycles. As they say, bigger is better.

A short battery with a cartomizer is about the length of a traditional cigarette. Convenient and portable, short batteries last about 2 – 3 hours—short but sweet.