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Have you ever headed out for the day with your e-cig or mod in hand only to find out that you're low on charge or that your 18650 batteries are low on power? It's the worst. Vapor4Life makes sure you never have to run out of charge by offering a big selection of e-cig chargers for your 18650 batts or your vapor cigarette batteries. For your Vapor Zeus e-cigarette, you can pick up a charging cable that just plugs right into a wall or car adapter or your laptop or PC. We also sell a special e-cig charger just for our variable voltage batteries. If you're using a Vapor Titan e-cg, we've got 510 and 808 compatible chargers for whichever connection you prefer.

Mod users can find a range of 18650 battery chargers here too. Whether you just need to charge a single 18650 battery or two, we've got dependable devices to give you the power you need to vape all day long.

Take a look at our selection of e-cig chargers to find the one that's best for you.

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)

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Choose from our wide selection of vape battery chargers to power up your vape mod, tube mod, Vapor Zeus battery, or Vapor Titan battery today. Whether your vape device charges with a USB chord, or external 18650 battery, Vapor4Life provides all of the necessary vape charging accessories for your device. Try the Efest Pro C1 Charger or Nitecore i2 charger to quickly charge up any of your 18650 batteries.