New USB Wall Adapter from Vapor4Life that will charge any Vapor4Life USB cables in your wall outlet. Compatible Vapor4Life USB cables include the Vapor Zeus USB Charging Cable, Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage USB Charger (808 thread), 510 USB Charging Cable, Vapor King USB Charger, E-Cigar King Charging Cable, and V-Kit charging cable.
The newest product from V4L is a USB charger. Rated at 1 amps, this charger has plenty of turbo power. A USB passthrough can be attached to the charger, then plugged into a wall outlet. Many people like to use their passthrough in the car or when working on a computer. Now, the passthrough can be used wherever a wall outlet is nearby. This USB charger creates endless new functions for the passthrough. The passthrough can now be used when watching TV or a movie, reading, or doing paper work. It can also be used to charge any USB-powered device such as a smart phone, tablet, PDA, or portable music player.
  • Good Charger
    Review by Kim on 8/30/2016
    This charger works very well & even when my batteries are completely dead it recharges them in 2-3 hours tops!
  • Fast and slim...
    Review by Elliot on 8/21/2016
    I like the slim design of this wall adapter; it doesn't block the other outlets next to it. Plus, my batteries seem to be recharging in record time! Thanks, V4L!
  • Worth the extra few dollars
    Review by Lynn on 8/19/2016
    These are nice and sturdy and worth the 3 extra dollars over their standard model. It travels all over the house with me and I use it not only for my e cigs but my phone and more.
  • Useful
    Review by Mike on 7/29/2016
    Good accessory
  • Great new charger!
    Review by John on 7/29/2016
    This is a great improvement from the bulkier black charger that V4L used to sell. While both worked great, this one takes up much less space and is less likely to be bumped and knocked out of the outlet.
    And the best part is it charges your devices QUICK! Shaves at least an hour off of charging time when compared with traditional chargers I have tried in the past. This is a must have!
  • Small USB Charger
    Review by Thomas on 4/20/2016
    It works for many other devices I have. Very small and reliable product. My only problem is when I have it plugged into my outlet without a usb charging cable I tend to over look and forget where its at cause all my walls are white in my apartment. Other than my issue, its working fine.

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