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At Vapor4Life, we know that your ecig battery is your lifeline. You can’t vape without a reliable and longlasting vape battery that will give you the power you need to vape all day. At Vapor4Life, you can buy e Cig batteries that we designed to meet your vaping needs, whether you’re a beginner vaper or an experienced cloud chaser.

Our signature ecig batteries are the Vapor Zeus and the Vapor Titan. Steve Milin, our founder, spent years building and designing these award-winning batteries using advanced technology to ensure the utmost performance. We constantly update all of our batteries to meet our high standards. Vapor4Life’s own batteries are simple to use with a Smileomizer or prefilled cartridge and have a soft, velvet touch. These ecig batteries are the closest thing smokers can get to an actual cigarette. The best part is that these babies will last you for hours and hours.

We also carry 18650 batteries that are tailored for mod users. Unlike our stick batteries, these e cig batteries do not operate on their own when paired with a cart or tank; they’re made for giving you primo power when you use them in your vape mod. When sourcing these batteries, we look for the things that matter most to you too: quality, durability, and advanced technology. We only carry top of the line e cigarette batteries to guarantee that you get a top of the line experience every time you vape.

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18 Item(s)