Who is Keelalagirl?

This is a guest post by Keelalagirl, who’s vapin’ happy hangin’ with her doggie pack in Ohio.

Hello all. I’m Keelalagirl, a name I took on about four years ago after one of my dogs. I am a thirty-something wife and mother who has found a passion for vaping, and a special passion for Vapor4Life.

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Mix & Match

It’s no secret that women love to match. We match our shoes to our purses, and our jewelry to our outfits. Well there’s another class for women vapers. Vaping women are now seen matching their batteries to their carts, and their electronic cigarettes to their wardrobe ensemble. Some women collect shoes, some collect purses, and some collect e-cig batteries. With the huge selection that Vapor4Life offers, its hard to not want a battery in every available color. If you think about all the possible combinations, it could make your head spin!

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Traveling Momma Joyce

This is a guest post written by Joyce B., an emergency management professional who has been enjoying Vapor4Life products for just over a year.

Hi, V4L readers! This is Joyce, also known as, um, Joyce on the ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum). Little did I know, I would also be nicknamed “Momma Joyce” by some of the great folks in the Vapor4Life sub forum.

How It Began

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This is a guest post written by Clover, a college student and vapeaholic from the Midwest.

Hello, I’m Clover. I have been vaping and using V4L products since September 27, 2010. I just celebrated my one year vaperversary and am excited for the next! I’m a 23 year-old senior majoring in Visual Arts and specializing in Animation.

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Hello Everyone

This is a guest post written by PJ, who is an expert on all things vape-related.

My name is Morandir, and you can also call me Pablo or PJ. If you have been to V4L’s sub forum on ECF or the KR808 section, you probably already know me. If you’ve found this blog through Facebook, Twitter, or have just stumbled upon Vapor4Life in your quest for an analog alternative, allow me to introduce myself.

On the first of October last year, I started my journey into vaping. My first experience with e-cigs was a disappointing e9 kit, which you can find at many higher-priced companies. After that came a 4081 kit, but that wasn’t what I was looking for either. Finally on the 21st of December I ordered a 510 kit and V4L KR808 kit on the same day. The V4L starter kit arrived first, and quickly became my favorite. The 510 got very little use, but it did start me on my path to testing any ecig I could get my hands on. Even today after trying tons of batteries, cartos, and atomizers, V4L King Diamond and Stealth series batts with a WOW cartomizer is my favorite hardware.

Nine days after receiving my kit, I joined ECF, and as quickly as I could, the V4L sub forum. It’s a place unlike any other on ECF, where you can get your daily fill of laughs and support of every type. It’s filled with some of the greatest people on the internet. If you happen join, please pop in, it’s a good guarantee you’ll interact with me at some point. In my time there, I’ve done a few tests on the hardware V4L sells ranging from voltage-holding capabilities to how many charges to expect out of a batt depending on how you use them. I will cover a lot of that technical information in later posts.

As for my personal life, I’m married, love animals (especially dogs), and am a self-admitted dork. I’m a huge fan of talk radio, particularly ‘The Ron and Fez Show’ on Sirius XM Radio. In my free time, when I’m not on ECF or hanging out with my wife and dogs, I like to enjoy a few select adult beverages from craft breweries. I work as a short-range truck driver in the Washington D.C. area. I also build and fix computers, and am working on my A+ certification.

I look forward to writing about technical topics, such as how many watts you’ll
get out of a freshly charged King Diamond batt with a WOW carto at 2.3 ohms.

Connect with PJ on the Electronic Cigarette Forum.

My Vaping Journey

This is a guest post written by Keyzygirl from Key West, Florida. Laid back and vaping in paradise.

Hello, my name is Keyzy. I have vaped for over two years and I love it.
In my vaping journey I have tried a few different styles and models and had a lot of issues with leaking fluid, faulty batteries and lack of vapor.

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My Trip to China – Part 3

On Saturday, I made it back to the good old USA. It was a whirlwind trip around the world, clocking in at over 15,000 miles, and one incredible journey!

The trip back was easier than going there. It took four days for me to adjust in China, but just two days for me to feel like myself once I got back home. I was still feeling pretty lousy when I wrote my last post. I was sick from the travel and at that point, wanted to come home. But once I felt like myself again, I enjoyed every moment. I started eating more traditional Chinese food, which was absolutely delicious. My favorite was the Szechuan because I LOVE spicy food. I just wish I had more than nine days!

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Meet Michelle, a.k.a. ChimChim

This is a guest post written by Michelle, who loves writing, vaping, and testing new products.

Hello V4L family! My name is Michelle and I go by the name chimchim on the ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum). As kids, my brother and I loved watching Speed Racer. My favorite character was Chim Chim.

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How I Went From Occasional Smoker, To Occasional Vaper

How It All Began
Like many, I began smoking my freshman year of college. It was the first time that I had the freedom to do what I pleased, without needing permission from my parents. A lot of people at college smoked. It looked cool. It felt cool. I liked how smoking made me feel. I started by casually having a cigarette here or there, taking one from a friend if they offered. The single smoke here or there quickly became an addiction. It didn’t take long before I started buying my own packs. Some nights I would find myself smoking the last cigarette in a pack I’d bought that very morning.

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