My Trip to China – Part 2

I’ve been in China for five days now and it has been an exciting experience! I did some time traveling on the way over. I left on Thursday about 1 PM Chicago-time and after a 15 hour flight, arrived on Friday at 5 PM Hong Kong-time. Basically I lost a day to travel. Don’t worry, I’ll get it back when I come home.

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The Voice

Hello! I’m Audrey, the community manager for Vapor4Life. This essentially means I am the personality behind the V4L logo online. I represent the brand by responding to questions and comments on Facebook and Twitter. My responsibilities include creating the clever content, as well as managing this blog.

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I’m Going to China!

Just a brief personal introduction for those that do not know me. My name is Mark and I have been working at V4L for two and a half years, or in other words, since the beginning. I started using ecigs a couple of weeks before coming to work for V4L. One of my big responsibilities at the company is product development and testing. I have extensively used every product that we have ever carried and I consider myself to be a product expert in terms of electronic cigarettes.

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