V4LPIN2WIN Dial-A-Volt e-cig winners

We recently wrapped up our first Pinterest contest “V4LPIN2WIN.” The contest took place through our Facebook page and contestants were required to pin two pictures out of seven available pins. The 12 winners each received either a gift certificate or a prize package including a new V4L Dial-A-Volt electronic cigarette battery, a battery charger, and a pack of cartomizers.

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The Smoker’s Flu and new vapers

[Img courtesy of http://bit.ly/13i5yYi]

Vaping veterans – do you remember when you first switched from smoking analogs to using electronic cigarettes? How did it feel? Some people feel sick and have flu-like symptoms for the first few weeks after making the switch. Both people who quit smoking tobacco cigarettes altogether and those who alternatively use e-cigs can feel these symptoms. This is commonly called the “Smoker’s Flu”.

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Switch to electronic cigarettes in 2013

It’s no news that quitting smoking is always in the top 10 list of new year’s resolutions. Quitting smoking is great, but what if instead of quitting, you smoke differently? Electronic cigarettes allow you to do just that. Rather than stopping that hand-to-mouth simulation that you have made a habit of, e-cigs offer a better alternative.

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Congrats to Morandir on his two year vaperversary

This is a guest post written by Morandir835, an e-cig enthusiast, admin on the Vapor4Life forum, and a regular on their ECF sub forum.

I celebrated my two-year vaperversary on December 23. With year one it truly felt like a special day of celebration. I’m not sure if it’s due to work, or how crazy my life has been lately, but this one lacked that feeling. If you don’t know me and my story from the forums, I’ll explain how I got into vaping in the first place.

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Vote for your favorite new e-cigarette gear

Now that 2013 is here, we’ve been thinking about all the new products Vapor4Life has introduced last year. We’ve come out with a bunch of new mods, batteries, and vaping flavors. Everyone has their favorites, and we want to know what yours are! Choose your top picks in each category and vote for your favs in the comment section.



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New year’s e-cigarette resolutions


Happy new year! Earlier this month I wrote about how ecigs have helped me regain my confidence to commit to a resolution in 2013. We all know most resolutions last until February and then disappear for about 11 months. Well vapers I say we make a highly obtainable resolution – to keep vaping through the year!

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