Vapor4Love Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce the five winners from our Vapor4Love Valentine’s Day contest we began on Monday. We got a lot of entries, and it was difficult to choose who would get Vapor Titan electronic cigarette starter kits. There were a lot of sad stories, about people who most certainly deserve the chance to get started in the vaping lifestyle. One woman wrote an entry on her own blog, another contestant wrote his entry in the form of a rhyming poem! Check it out in the comment section below. And now for the winners:

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Too stubborn to vape e-cigarettes?

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Everyone knows someone in their life that can be a bit stubborn. Some people are set in their ways, have certain routines they get used to, and simply put – don’t want to change. Maybe you are stubborn yourself, or it’s your spouse. Perhaps you and your husband used to smoke together for many years until you discovered a better alternative.

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