My Automatic Dial-A-Volt ecig review

My Automatic Dial-A-Volt ecig reviewThis is a guest post by Michael Britt.

Some of my first V4L e-cigs were Vapor King automatic batteries I got in the starter kit the first time I tried switching over. Because I was topping off old carts (and wasn’t aware of the forums for newbie advice), I quickly made the mistake of flooding a cart. While it was attached to the battery. Ooops. No more battery.

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Electronic Cigarette YouTube Contest

Calling all vapers! Vapor4Life is hosting our first ever video contest! There are two huge prizes for the best videos. The second place winner will receive a new Automatic Dial-A-Volt ecig battery and a gift certificate to Vapor4Life for $75. The first place winner will receive an Automatic Dial-A-Volt and a $200 gift certificate. To enter, shoot your own 30-90 second commercial-like video focused either on your favorite V4L product, or how Vapor4Life has helped improve your life. Your video can be as simple as you talking into your webcam, or as complicated and techy as you like.

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#V4LPIN2WIN week 1 winner

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Did the caption you vote for win?! We just ended our first #V4LPIN2WIN caption contest, tallied the votes, and found the winner! This week’s winner is “Last Of The Only” who will receive a 30ml bottle of juice or 5-pack of cartomizers in his desired flavor and strength. Hi caption was “You throw one more cigarette butt in my park and I’m gonna get my man with rabies to come pay you a visit. It’s 2013, you should be vaping anyways.” (You can see it here:

Here are the rest of the entries:

spacekitty: “Guy sitting on bench, to squirrel: ‘Don’t even THINK about going after my Nuts!!’” (

Ann Yarger: “No, I didn’t bury your Almond Coconut and you can’t have mine!” (

Jessica Everson: “WHY did you come to the park without food?” (

Debbie Guardino: “I TOLD you to get a Dial-A-Volt!” (

Deni Tigner-Anderson: “How many cig butts have YOU ate thinking they were peanuts??” (

Scott Wisdom: “I know you’re holding. Stop stalling and give me the bag of nuts!” (

Bill Kallal: “Gimme back by Auto DAV!” (

We’ll post a new cartoon next week on our #V4LPIN2WIN board. You can either enter with your caption or just give your favorite a “Like.” The winner is chosen by who has the most votes (we’re using Pinterest “Likes” as votes). We can’t wait to see what you come up with next week!

Win our new Automatic V4L Dial-A-Volt ecig!

This could be YOURS!

Want to win our latest ecig battery? Our new Automatic V4L Dial-A-Volt is the world’s first automatic variable voltage battery! We are giving out a total of three prizes. All you have to do is tell us the reason(s) you started vaping. (Please see complete rules below.) The winners will be chosen randomly via

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