One guest blogger’s opinion of the Vapor Zeus

Black Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Battery with cigar-colored Smileomizer

You have read my blog long enough to know that I don’t write reviews just to write them. I decide what I write about, and I have rules. With only one exception, (a bottle of e-liquid from V4L) I have chosen and purchased, each item I have reviewed. Yes, I do use coupons and discounts, just as you do, if they are available. I would like to think that it is due to my pride and the ability to say whatever I want in a review. But, honestly, I think that I am so sporadic when I write, that I manage to stay off the list of sought-after reviewers. Does this keep me from writing a review when I am moved to do so? No! When I find something really outstanding, I want to share it!

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