BHam’s Review of WOW Vapor Hazelnut Coffee

WOW Vapor Hazelnut Coffee E-Liquid

Waking up is always hard. 7:30am is flashing on your phone. *Buzz* *buzz* *buzz*. You hit snooze, but decide to get up anyway.

“Let’s do this”, you mutter as you decide to tackle the work day with some attitude.

Out the door, you decide, “I need a cup of Joe”, so you head over to the local coffee shop.

Premium Espresso

Walking up to the door a range of aromas pass through your nasal cavity and a jolt of energy rushes through you as you anticipate that first sip.

You stand in line, eyeing the pastry display case, nothing looks that appealing. The coffee grinder whirs in the background and your heart skips a beat in excitement.

“Only two more people in front of me”, you think to yourself.

Your eyes now scan the menu. You’re feeling something a little different today. Cappuccino? “No, I’ve had enough for the month”. Espresso? “I’d be too jittery for the day”. Caramel Mocha Frappe or Vanilla Mocha Frappe? “The lady in front of me just ordered this”, as you chuckle. Before you walk up to the counter you look around. Seeing every patron in a state of euphoria makes your craving that much stronger and immediately you want to join them.

“May I take your order?”

“Uh”, you collect yourself as you fumble over your words. At the same time, a golden label behind the counter catches your eye. Hazelnut.

“Coffee, no cream, two pumps of hazelnut”.

Premium Classic Caramel Mocha

You wait eagerly awaiting this morning treat. You watch as the barista carefully pours a fresh morning brew in your cup. The steam waving in the still air. She walks over and pumps the hazelnut flavoring into the brew. Looks like she gave you three pumps.

“Hazelnut Coffee?”

You grab it, ignoring the temperature and take the first sip as you walk out the door.

“Whoa!” you utter aloud. The boldness of the black coffee is soothed with the sweet and rich flavor of hazelnut. The next sip is even better than the last. You find that, before you know it, your cup is empty. This just might become your new morning brew.

You too can have this experience with Vapor4Life’s e-liquid flavor, WOW Vapor Hazelnut Coffee, just released on Saturday. I highly recommend this flavor for all coffee lovers out there!

See ya on the forums!

- Bham

6 thoughts on “BHam’s Review of WOW Vapor Hazelnut Coffee

  1. On a completely unrelated note: I was looking for a place to post a suggestion but could not find a way to directly email the company, nor could I find a thread on the message board to post the idea I had.

    I carry around a ziplock back filled with juices, carts, little tools I use on the daily like bent bobby pins and such, my wall charger and my spare batteries everyday. I looked under your accessories, and the only thing I see that could better hold some of those things is the charging case…Which would be great…except I use the XL Titans.

    It would be fantastic if V4L would come out with a small carrying case that I could put my odds and ends into. It would make traveling and everyday use more organized and purse friendly, as my ziplock bag has about had it and doesn’t zip anymore *chuckle* Maybe little bands to keep stuff in place, specialized pockets for things, and liquid proof kind of like a makeup bag would be perks.

    Just tossing the idea out there since I haven’t seen anything of the sort.

    Sorry if this totally and absolutely the wrong place to put this!!


    • Hi Christine, thanks for your suggestion. We’ve been looking into getting a longer carrying case for some time now. A lot of people currently use makeup cases and eyeglass cases to carry their ecig supplies on the go. Keep the suggestions coming. You can contact us here, on our forum (, on Facebook (, on Twitter (, or Google+.

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