Brand New Vapor Titan Batteries Launched Today

Vapor Titan Batteries

If it seems like Vapor4Life is always coming out new products, that’s because we are! Since the company launched in April 2009, CEO and President, Steve Milin has been updating the products with new lines, and new items. So are the new Vapor Titan batteries any better than the other batteries we offer? There are several differences between the different lines, but like with most other products, the choice all comes down to personal preferences.

The Differences

Vapor Titan batteries are most noticeably different on the outside. They have a smooth texture, that feels soft between the fingers. Second, Vapor Titan batteries produce more vapor than any other e-cigarette on the market. The battery cell is custom-made, exclusive to Vapor4Life. The last difference between Vapor Titan batteries and other Vapor4Life batteries, is that the Vapor Titan automatic batteries are sealed. This helps to prevent damage from overfilling with e-liquid.

Sealed Automatic Batteries

Automatic type e-cigarette batteries are activated through inhalation. In the past, these batteries were not sealed, so if the user wasn’t careful when refilling their e-cigarette, it was possible to ruin the battery. Vapor4Life has revolutionized this technology in their Vapor Titan batteries. Since the new line features sealed automatic batteries, the possibility of ruining one with e-liquid is lessened. This is great news for people who enjoy using the automatic type, because now they can refill their e-cigarettes, and still have all the features that automatic batteries offer.

Cigar-colored Vapor Titan battery


Vapor Titan batteries are available in three lengths – short, regular (standard), and XL. All lengths are offered in both automatic and manual, as well as Diamond Series and Stealth Series. The new Diamond batteries comes in 12 colors: yellow, lavender, olive, magenta, green, blue, red, sapphire, black, white, platinum, and a brand new color “cigar.” The new Stealth batteries come in Camouflage Blue, Camouflage Green, Camouflage Gold, and Camouflage Red.

Win a Vapor Titan Battery Prize Package!

Starting today, anyone with a Facebook account can enter the “Vapor Titan Battery Prize Package” Sweepstakes. This package includes 3 Vapor Titan batteries, 3 bottles of Nobacco Juice USA, and a 5-pack of blank cartomizers. One person may enter once each day (for each of the 5 days of the Sweepstakes). Each person gets 3 bonus entries each time a friend enters. Check it out at Good luck!

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