Vaper Spotlight: Scott

5 year vaperversaryA few of our customers have been making some major milestones lately. It all started with Mary Kay from the E Cigarette Forum (ECF). She celebrated her 5 year “vaperversary” this past May. That means she’s been vaping for five whole years! Then a few people posted on our Facebook page that they’ve been vaping for 5 years, and another lady said she’s been tobacco free for 13 months. Scott is one of our customers who recently celebrated his 5 year vaperversary too. I saw that he posted about it on ECF and thought it would be fun to hear his story.


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Vaper Spotlight: Peter

Vaper Spotlight PeterToday I sat down with one of our customers in our Northbrook Vape Shop. Peter Nucci from Winnetka, Illinois has been coming in for quite a while. He’s really into chess and comes in a lot during the weekends to play with some of the guys who work in the shop. Mike, one of the lounge reps set up a table with a chessboard so it’s ready whenever someone wants to play. Continue reading

Vaper Spotlight: Gabby and Jordan

Today we’re featuring a couple customers who I met in our Northbrook vape shop. Gabby loves coming in frequently to hang out and meet other vapers. She was picking up some vaping juice and brought her friend Jordan to try some flavors. I sat down with them to┬áhear about their experiences with vaping. Continue reading