How I traded smoking for vaping

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This is a guest blog post by Kevin Cass.

Growing up in the heart of Texas in the 80′s and 90′s, cigarettes were everywhere: restaurants, public spaces, outside shops and malls. At every turn the smell incensed the air. Vending machines, easily accessible to kids fed our addictions at $1.50 per pack. At 14 I started smoking because it’s “what all the cool kids were doing.” I had my first cigarette on the drive home from a school event and remember the laughter as I choked on the first inhalation. Not wanting to be laughed at again, I bought a pack and practiced smoking every day after school before my parents got home. After the first few packs, cool was no longer a factor. I did it because I thought I just liked the way they tasted (in the same way an addict might claim they just like the smell of cocaine). And then…

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Vaper Spotlight: Loveridden

Loveridden’s favorite variable voltage mod

Stephanie, a young woman who goes by the name “Loveridden” on ECF and the V4L Forum was first introduced to electronic cigarettes by her Aunt Betty who was using them as an alternative to smoking. That was in June 2011. She’s come a long way since then and is now one of the vaping experts. She helps answers many newbies’ questions, and can recommend vaping flavors and batteries to people just getting into the habit as well as those who’ve been vaping for a while.

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Aussie Customer Spotlight

Jacques and BHam in the Smokeless Lounge

Last Friday our Smokeless Lounge had the pleasure of welcoming an international customer. Jacques was in the US from Canberra, Australia for a business conference. Before leaving for home he decided it just wouldn’t be right for him to visit the US without making a stop at Vapor4Life. This was actually his second time to visit us. He came earlier in the year and Skyped his wife from our Lounge, so she could have a look at the Lounge herself.

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Bham’s Affair With Cigarettes

David Goehring

Hey everyone, I’m Brandon. Since I began working at Vapor4Life, I have been sharing the story of how I switched to vaping with anyone who would listen. I’m 21, graduated college three weeks ago, and am a die-hard Cubs fan.

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From Smoke to Vapor (Part 2 of 2)

This is a guest post by Rantz, who writes surrounded by a cloud of vapor.


By the summer of 2010 I’d had enough of smoking. It was a long time coming, built up over the decades, without a single event that pushed me over the edge. Instead it was a thousand little annoyances that ate away day after day, like nibbling ducks, culminating in my serious consideration of giving up the 30-year vice that had become such an integral part of my identity.

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From Smoke to Vapor (Part 1 of 2)

This is a guest post by Rantz, who writes surrounded by a cloud of vapor.

I started putting nails in my coffin when I was 14. That’s what I called the clove cigarettes I “smoked” as an affectation… long before filmmaker Kevin Smith created his iconic “NAILS” brand of smokes for his films. When friends would say “That’ll kill you!” with wide, concerned eyes, I laughed with all the arrogance of youth and said “Yep, just pounding nails in my coffin!”

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My Vaping AdVenture: The Forum

This is guest post written by Via, an e-cig enthusiast living in Jacksonville, Florida.

V4L Website and Inventory

My new year’s resolution was to switch to e-cigs and find the perfect vendor. After looking at ten to fifteen e-cig retailers, all offering a generic “white ash-cap battery” and a limited selection of cartomizers, I finally found the Vapor4Life website.

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Vaping in the Great Outdoors

This is a guest post written by a fire spinner from the Midwest.

It is the New Year and time for me to plan my summer vacations. For most, this may include a trip to a national park, or a local hotel to get away from the kids. I travel out-of-state to teach workshops at fire gatherings, which are for fire dancers to learn different techniques, styles, props, and socialize. These are held in areas meant for camping, which I really enjoy. Continue reading

My Journey Into Vaping, Reviewing and Blogging

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This is a guest post written by Steve from Steve K’s Vaping World.

Hello everyone! My name is Steve, you may have seen me around the internet writing about e-cigarettes on my blog or on ECF under the user name ‘StotheK.’ That’s S to the K, which is a play on my initials S.K.

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Who is Keelalagirl?

This is a guest post by Keelalagirl, who’s vapin’ happy hangin’ with her doggie pack in Ohio.

Hello all. I’m Keelalagirl, a name I took on about four years ago after one of my dogs. I am a thirty-something wife and mother who has found a passion for vaping, and a special passion for Vapor4Life.

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