What makes a vaper’s wife happy?

What makes a vaper’s wife happy?

  • My house no longer smells like an ashtray.
  • My windows are clear and not glazed with smoke.
  • My clothes smell like my perfume and not a cigarette butt.
  • My carpets are free of holes and ashes.
  • My house cleaning does not include ashtrays.
  • My husband doesn’t leave me alone at a restaurant to take a cigarette break outside.
  • My husband’s mouth doesn’t taste like tobacco when we kiss.
  • My dog smells like a dog, not like smoke.
  • My daughter no longer keeps her bedroom door closed and sealed to second-hand smoke.
  • My husband can walk two miles on the treadmill without being short of breath.
  • My life is better without cigarettes even though I never smoked.

What makes you happy about vaping? Even if you are not a vaper…Let me know in the comments below!

- Mel the Vapor Queen at V4L

Get creative with 150+ vaping flavors!

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I started vaping my first day at Vapor4Life about three years ago. I was never a heavy cigarette smoker, but would enjoy having an occasional cigarette when having a couple of drinks with friends. However, I was a fan of other tobacco products. Throughout my high school and college years, I smoked tons of hookah and would dip on the baseball field whenever I could.

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Congrats to our World Vaping Day e-cigarette prize winners!

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In case you missed it, yesterday was the second annual World Vaping Day! To celebrate, we held a contest on our Facebook page. We asked vapers to tell us how vaping saved their life. We had a total of 63 entries, so you can imagine it was pretty difficult to pick just three winners. Continue reading

Vaping saved me how much cash?!

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So I’ve been loving life in the two years that I’ve been vaping. I’m breathing a hell of a lot better. I’m waking up refreshed, and I’ve got an overall good outlook on life. I mean, I feel like I’ve got my life back and I’m only 23! So where do we go from here?

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“Smoking” electronic cigars

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The cigar Nazis are out in full force. There are more than 35 states where you can’t have that great steak and go to the bar and enjoy an after-dinner cocktail. Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse. But my friends, don’t be discouraged. I, like many cigar smokers, laughed at the idea of an electronic cigar. The ones I tasted were disposable, and I felt like I was smoking mud.

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No smoke breaks, only Grand Theft Auto

It was 11:45 PM and was freezing. “What the hell am I doing out this late?” I asked myself. Oh yeah! The biggest gaming release of the year was last night! Finally, my wait was over for Grand Theft Auto V. But the wait last night was much longer than expected. Apparently, some other people heard of the biggest game of this century, and I was one of 400 people at my local GameStop. Great.

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Cooler Talk: E-Cig Edition

As a vaper, I’ve been approached by many people who come from both sides of the “e-cig spectrum.” You know, the “naysayers” who think this is a fad or on the opposite end, people who praise me for making the switch. Some people just genuinely want to know what e-cigs are really all about. Well, I’m here to tell you MY version of what I say to anyone who asks me about my vape.

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“Hi Officer!”: Talking about ecigs with the police

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I’m back in the swing of things vapers, and it feels damn good to be writing again. Last weekend, I had a buddy of mine come back home from Wisconsin (he left Chicago after college for a job… but I’ll bust his chops for that another day) and we were catching up on things. I told him about this festival going on in town and how we should stop by and grab a few drinks, because that’s what you do when an old friend comes to town: you drink. Continue reading

The Growth of Ecigs: Bigger is Better

This is a guest blog post by Kevin Cass.

When I started vaping, my goal was to find something so similar to cigarettes that my habit would transfer easily from analogs to e-cigs. I wanted a cigarette that wasn’t a cigarette. So my first e-cigs were the same size and shape as analogs and even lit up at the end when I inhaled.

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Cigar smokers, the future is here!

I had no idea what an electronic cigarette or e-cigar was until recently. I was as skeptical as the next guy. What intrigued me was how a company could replicate the experience of a cigar other than smoking the real thing. Our owner, Steve Milin, assured me it would be great, and it’s as close to the real thing with some positive exceptions. My clothes don’t stink, my car doesn’t stink, and best of all, I don’t have to pick a “battle” with my bride to smoke in the house when the weather sucks.

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