Chicago bans ecigs indoors

Ald. Colon, Ald. Reilly, Ald. Sposato, Ald. Sawyer

Today, the Chicago City Council as a whole voted on the proposed ecigarette ban. It passed 45 to 4. The four Alderman that voted against the ban were Roderick Sawyer, Ray Colon, Nicholas Sposato, and Brendan Reilly. Chicago is set to be the first major US city to ban vaping in restaurants, bars, and other indoor places. The ban will go into effect in 30 days. As soon as we get the exact wording of the ordinance and more info, we’ll share it!

Read more about the ban, and past City Council hearings on it:

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Chicago City Council’s proposed ecig ordinance


7 thoughts on “Chicago bans ecigs indoors

  1. I cannot believe this is true and should be fixed in Chicago and New York. People like me who smoked 40 years and suffer health problems, have finally given up smoking thanks to E-cigarettes. My Dr is happy with results. Now we are being forced to be in a smoking area and second hand smoke. After 3 years of vaping, I can finally walk again. Shame on you Chicago, please reconsider for our health??

  2. It’s obviously a revenue thing. Ecigs cut into the revenues they get from the highest cigarette taxes in the nation. Not a coincidence that NYC also passed the same ban. My question is whether the ecig industry is planning on doing anything? Like lobbying or making stealthy ecigs that won’tn draw attention, because the last permissible bigotry is being anti smoking. These people freely admit it isn’t smoke, it’s probably not dangerous, but they don’t approve of it. Imagine doing this to any other group and there would be civil rights lawsuits..

  3. No one should be surprised, there are just too many dam haters out there. But the important thing to remember is they can never take away your freedom to smoke e-cigs (start calling them Steamers!) in your own house, your own car, and in the great outdoors!

  4. E-cigs saved my life, breaking my 50 year cancer stick habit. I’ll smoke them anywhere I dam well please. What are they going to do, come into the shitter and scold me? ? ?

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