Chicago’s possible indoor vaping ban

The Chicago City Council is meeting for a second time likely to discuss a proposed ordinance banning e-cigs wherever smoking is prohibited. The meeting is this coming Monday, January 13, at 11:30am. We are encouraging all Chicago vapers to call and email their Alderman, to let them know why they should not pass the ordinance. It would also be extremely helpful to attend the meeting and speak about your experience with e-cigarettes.

We believe that the Council will let anyone testify, whether they are for or against the ban. At the first Council meeting, several people were able to state why the ban should pass, and only one person who opposed the ban got to speak.

When talking with your Alderman, it’s important to remain respectful, while stating the facts, and interjecting your passion for vaping. When you arrive at City Hall, be sure to fill out a pink slip with your name and address, and hand it to one of the staff members so you can speak. We hope to see a lot of our customers at the meeting on Monday. There will be a lot of Chicago vape stores testifying, and we hope to keep Chicago vape-friendly.

Chicago City Council Meeting

Monday, January 13, 2014


Joint Committee on Finance and Committee on Health and Environmental Protection

City Council Chamber, City Hall

121 N. LaSalle St.

See this blog post for more info on the ban: Potential Chicago ecig ban


2 thoughts on “Chicago’s possible indoor vaping ban

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  2. Please consider I smoked over 40 years and have been a non smoker for 3 years thanks to e-cigarettes. They have saved my life!!! Saved my lungs. I have not had a cough in 3 years nor any others problems and I have emphysema and COPD but now I can walk further and do so much more since I gave up traditional cigarettes. I would hate to think that I have to be in a smoking room or area with other smokers since my lungs are clean now from smoke. Not fair. Please reconsider how many people have gotten away from smoking. Now all these people have to breathe in second hand smoke after quitting. Please consider all of us whose lives may be spared from dying from cigarette smoke due to the E-cigarette. Thank you

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