Do more smokers switch to ecigs, or begin smoking and vaping?

Have you heard the term “dual use?” This refers to people who smoke cigarettes AND vape electronic cigarettes.

People wonder if e-cigs are an effective smoking cessation tool. Now as an ecig manufacturer and retailer, we can’t say that they are. If we were to say that, we’d have to be regulated as a drug under the FDA. Our products are an alternative to smoking, but we don’t say “they will help you quit smoking.” We leave that to the customers to find out for themselves.

Although not marketed as such, some people do use electronic cigarettes to quit smoking. Others use them simply as an alternative, a way to enjoy the hand-to-mouth motion of smoking, but without the smoke, smell, and tar.

Some people opposed to ecigs for whatever reason, say that ecigs create “dual users.” They think that ecigs are harmful in some way and that by using both, a smoker is harming themselves even more than if they were just to smoke real cigs. They think dual use could result in people consuming more nicotine. Which is possible.

But here’s the thing. It can take time to make the switch from smoking to vaping. The addiction to nicotine is so strong that some smokers have to slowly make the move. They’ll smoke a cig in the morning, and then an hour later puff on an ecig for a bit. The next time they get the urge, they’ll have a real one, and so on. If trading on and off works for you, then great! You have to do whatever you can to make the transition.

Addictive Behaviors published a study last year called A longitudinal study of electronic cigarette users. The researchers said “We found electronic cigarette use had no deleterious (harmful) effects on smoking behaviour.”

The study showed that for the most part, dual users cut down on the amount they smoke or totally quit. According to, the dual users tended to cut the amount of cigarettes they smoked and it didn’t have a negative impact on their smoking behavior, and almost half of the smokers had completely quit smoking by the end of the study period.  “There is still no evidence that dual use of e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes is anything but a positive move which reduces cigarette consumption.”

Have you completely switched to ecigs, or are you a “dual user?” Let us know in the comment section below.

11 thoughts on “Do more smokers switch to ecigs, or begin smoking and vaping?

  1. I vape and no longer use analog cigs. At first I would take a couple drags off an analog every now and agian but now the taste of them is raunchy to me. No more light em ups for me. Also my daily e- juice use has cut in half. Most people I know that vape rarely use analogs.

  2. I began smoking when I was 15 years old and I am now 62… I easily smoked a pack to a pack-and-a-half of cogs a day AND, later, after a stint in the Army, cigars too and, occasionally a pipe. Yep, I’ve about smoked everything out there on the market… Last year I discovered e-cigs (another company offered a cheap starter kit so I thought, “Why not…”) and I tried them. That companies product was very good but the vape wasn’t quite as strong as I had hoped for so I went surfing and found V4L. I progressed through a few different lines of theirs until I found the XL Zeus DAV and I knew I’d found my home. Since using the Zeus I have cut down my cigarette smoking to a pack a week or more and while I still have a few cigars left (Cohibas) to finish I am now firmly rooted in vaping. Too bad it wasn’t around 20+ years ago! Also, my partner has severe, severe respiratory problems and my vaping doesn’t bother her AT ALL! So take that you anti-everything crusaders and give the “smoking is smoking” mantra you insist on foisting on everyone else, a rest. Vaping is VAPOR, hence the name – it is not smoking. Wake up and smell… the lack of cigarette smoke!

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  4. I started vaping while I was still smoking conventional cigarettes. During my initial period of vaping I would “cheat” and have a conventional cigarette in addition to vaping. I wasn’t long at all before I ended that behavior and vaped exclusively.
    I don’t see the logic behind equating vapor with the same personal and social restraints as the conventional tobacco industry. The only similarity is nicotine. The differences are huge and socially as well as scientifically self-evident. Not only am I no longer subjecting myself to the tars and carcinogens that are plentiful in conventional (analog) cigarettes, I’m no longer subjecting others to the same in the form of second hand smoke. I don’t smell like a stale cigarette, my clothes don’t stink of stale cigarettes, and kissing me doesn’t resemble kissing an ash tray. In fact while vaping I have heard comments to the contrary like; “wow, that smells really good” and “that’s making me hungry”.
    Ignorant people with the power to influence and control others are dangerous and frightening. As it has always been, the best way to fight those narrow minds sorts is with the distribution of truth and education within the general public. A faster way is with money and powerful lobbyists. Lacking the latter, it is all of our responsibility to speak out against people who are making judgments based on false prejudices and misinformation.
    If we want to keep our choices open and unrestricted then we all need to take our responsibilities personally. Educate yourselves and speak out from a position of knowledge and truth wherever and whenever possible or follow the lemmings back to their cubicles and do whatever a misinformed public tells you to do. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that the largest proponents for regulating vapor are the tobacco industry lobbyists. I’m sure they hate the fact that their largest and most powerful alternative is not regulated or restrained like they are. Those folks have been sinister and heartless from the very beginning and they yield a lot of power and influence.

  5. This is my 4th cig-free day, while vaping! I had tried the disposable ecigs last year but didn’t like them. I was reading about the hooka and went in to a shop and a man convinced me to buy the e-got vape pen instead. I love it! Every once in a while, I crave a cig, but vaping takes the edge off until it goes away. I refuse to go back to smoking after 40 years, and I bought a 2nd one as a back up.

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  7. I smoked for over 40 years. At the end of that terrible habit I was up to 3 packs a day. After yet another bout of bronchitis I decided to give e-cigs a try. I bought a spinner battery, a clearomizer, & some 24mg e-juice. I also bought one of those look alike e-cigs. I had tried everything out there to try to quit smoking. Gum, patches, inhalers that tasted like dirty socks, & even hypnosis. Nothing worked. The longest length of time I was able to go was 2 days. I tried the look alike first. It was awful. I’m convinced that’s what’s used in those so called tests that show e-cigs don’t help people quit smoking. Then I tried the tank set up with the spinner battery. WOW!!! It’s been 10 months since I’ve used tobacco. I have no desire to ever smoke again. Thanks to the many flavors, it keeps me more interested. I’m also down to 12 mg juice. I am living PROOF that e- cigs DO help people quit smoking. I feel so much better!

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