Don’t Just Vape, Advocate!

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This is a guest blog post by VaporVamp.

As the negative effects of smoking have become widely known, smokers have become more and more stigmatized and marginalized. With secondhand smoke being a real danger, smokers are forced outside or away from other people to smoke.  Some non-smoking people take this a step further and seem to actively despise smokers for their habit, not even considering that for most, it is an addiction formed early in life (as teens or, for some, even younger) when they may not have had the best of judgment.  Smoking is looked down upon as risky, dirty, selfish behavior, whether those labels are warranted or not.

The problem electronic cigarettes pose is that the general, uninformed public doesn’t know what to think about them.  They deliver nicotine in the same way as analog cigarettes (which many people hate) and there is a puff of vapor which looks like smoke when they are used, so they get lumped into the same category as something that must be dangerous and negative.  Because of this, electronic cigarettes are being banned in public places when there is really no reason for it.

One of the best things you, as a vaper, can do is to educate your friends and family about the benefits and advantages of vaping over smoking.  If they watched you quit analogs and make the switch to vaping, they are probably already supportive.  Some may still see it as smoking, though, and these are the people who need to be kindly informed that it is not the same.  Analog cigarettes, for example, contain over 4,000 chemicals, while e-juice usually has about 5 ingredients (which are all considered low-risk).  If you happen to be in a business (such as Starbuck’s) which has a policy against electronic cigarette use in place, educate them.  Don’t get angry that other people aren’t aware of the truth about vaping.  Over the past 30 years there have been huge campaigns to warn people about cigarettes and people have listened.  We must now teach them that vaping and smoking are entirely different things and should be treated as such.

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MJ Keeton, VaporVamp, recently returned to her hometown in the mountains of New Mexico where she lives in a cabin in the woods surrounded by deer, bears, elk, and squirrels. Her little family includes Sebastian the miniature schnauzer and Zoe the Boston terrier. She finally has the art studio she has dreamt of and spends countless hours knitting, spinning yarn, and making wool sculpture. MJ loves stinky cheese and craft beer and vapes RY4 most of the time, but occasionally gives Oasis, Waffle, or Triple Nickel a go.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Just Vape, Advocate!

  1. Very, very well said. The reminder to gently educate them is what I needed. I find it incredibly frustrating to be no-so-silently judged for vaping as if I were sitting next to someone, blowing smoke directly into their face. Though I try, it’s sometimes hard to not take it personally.

    • Thanks, Jules! It is hard to keep your cool sometimes, but you get your point across so much better if you just do it with a smile and some friendly reminders that smoking and vaping are NOT the same thing! Keep on vaping! :)

    • You’re right Brett! So many people don’t even know what vaping is, much less that it’s not the same as smoking. All they see is a puff of something that looks like “smoke” coming out of your mouth and they jump to conclusions. It’s our job to spread the word! :)

  2. Thanks for this, very nice! I may have to try RY4, VapeVamp, we have your other preferences in common! :) (Long live good cheese and craft beer!) I suppose since we needed a replacement that imitates smoking so well, we get the corresponding challenge along with it. I do get tired of answering questions so often, but will take heart and press on with it!

    • You know you are making a good decision for yourself, Lisa, and that is what counts! Give RY4 a try if a light tobacco with a sweet, caramel overtone sounds good to you! It’s definitely my all day vape. Cheers to you!

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  4. Nice article. I totally agree with you. I find that most people who are anti-e-cigarette and anti-vaping do not really know anything about it. They have been so conditioned by the anti-smoking industry, that they form opinions without facts and just assune that vaping is the same as smoking. I even read a blog post where one woman stated as a fact that e-cigarettes are manufactured in the same factories as car batteries! Unbelievable. The sad thing is that other people will read that and believe it.

    We have to all do our part to get factual information out there as its a tough road.

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