Electronic Cigarettes: A Basic Guide

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Are you looking for an alternative to smoking? Perhaps you’re here to help a friend or family member learn about switching over to using e-cigs. However you found V4L doesn’t really matter – the point is that you found us! We are in the business of changing lives, that’s why our slogan is “Because it’s your life.” Figuring out how to choose an e-cigarette can be confusing - if you go it alone. Luckily, we are here to help, along with our great community of fellow vapers and customers – which is what we call our “V4L family.” This article gives the most fundamental information needed to understand what exactly an electronic cigarette is and how it works.

The Basics

An electronic cigarette is made of two parts: a cartomizer and a battery. The cartomizer is the disposable part of the ecig that holds a liquid solution of flavoring and nicotine. The battery is the longer part of the ecig. The battery heats the e-liquid to produce vapor.


  • An electronic cigarette (a.k.a. e-cig, e-cigarette, or personal vaporizer) is made of two parts: a cartomizer and a battery.
  • A cartomizer (a.k.a. cart, carto, cartridge, or filter) is the combination of a cartridge and atomizer. It holds flavoring and nicotine. A built-in coil heats this liquid solution to produce vapor.
  • E-liquid (a.k.a. liquid or juice) is comprised of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), food-grade flavoring, and nicotine (optional).
  • battery (a.k.a. batt) is the main part of the ecig that provides the power needed to create vapor. It is a long skinny tube-shaped like a traditional cigarette. One end usually has an LED tip that lights up when in use. The other end has a threaded connector that screws into a cart.


V4L sells a few kinds of carts. There are CoolCarts, which have a higher resistance, and WOW carts which have a lower resistance.

Cartomizers come either pre-filled with e-liquid, or blank. The pre-filled ones are ready to use right out of the package. E-liquid must be added to blank carts.


There are different battery types. V4L sells manual and automatic. A manual battery is activated by pressing a small button on the side. They have a cut-off that turns off the battery after a certain time period (10-20 seconds, depending on type).  Automatic batteries are activated by inhalation. When a user sucks in, the atomizer begins heating the e-liquid inside the cartomizer. It turns off when he/she stops inhaling.

V4L carries three different battery styles. The first is the regular Vapor King. The LED tip on the end is covered by a gray-colored ‘ash cap.’ When not in use, the tip is gray. When in use, the tip shows whatever color the LED is on the particular battery. Diamond batteries have a bejeweled sparkly tip covering the LED on this battery style. When in use, the LED lights up to the specific color light inside. The last style is called Stealth. These batteries are made to be less noticeable. There is no LED on the tip, so no light shines whether the battery is turned on or off. They’re good for people who are shy, don’t want to draw attention to themselves, or simply don’t want to get asked questions about their ecig.

All battery types and styles are available in three different lengths. Short with a cart attached is about the same size as a traditional cigarette. The Regular length is as long as a 100s cigarette. The XL is the longest.

Still Confused?

There is a lot to learn about electronic cigarettes. If you’re still confused, want to learn more, or have questions, please contact V4L! We want to help you as much as we can! Knowledge is power, so feel free to contact us via phone, live chat online, support ticket, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, this blog post comment section, our forum, or stop in to our Smokeless Lounge & Store in Northbrook, Illinois. We’re here for you!

3 thoughts on “Electronic Cigarettes: A Basic Guide

  1. What about three part systems now that V4L is carrying egos and the aurora kit Ms. Audrey? Those use atomizers (atty’s) and carts/tanks making them 3 parts. Also there’s more than just a different connector that comes into play with different types of ecigs… Voltages, airflow, list goes on.

  2. Yes, there are many elements involved in ecigs. This is a basic guide for people who have never heard of electronic cigarettes, and want to learn about V4L products. The typical person who wants an alternative to smoking is most likely not interested in all the technical details (information overload). Once someone dives into the vaping world, they may seek out more info. That is where all of your tests and know-how will come in handy. :)

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