Fitness Diary of a Vaper

This is a guest post written by Michelle, who loves writing, vaping, and testing new products.

Photo by Randy Robertson.

Dear Diary,

I smoked for about 30 years. For almost as long as that, I have wanted to be a runner. I have always had dreams of running, and know that deep down inside me there is a runner. It’s a very strange thing to put into words, but I believe that each of us has this person we were meant to be inside of us. But, our personal circumstances have not allowed that person to come out. I am not afraid to say that I do not consider myself a person who finishes what she starts when it comes to fitness, losing weight, eating right and giving up the stinkies. If it’s uncomfortable, I want nothing to do with it. I let myself off the hook and never hold myself accountable.

When I began vaping in April of 2011, I knew it was my ticket off the analog roller coaster. Fast forward a few months. My amazing and beloved mom passed away in late August. It was a terribly stressful and sad time for me but I did not slip up even once. I realized I had actually “finished what I’d started” for the first time in my life. It was an amazing feeling to know I was done with analogs forever.

On New Year’s Eve just a few weeks ago, I was reviewing my year, looking at my life, reminiscing about what my family had been though with my mom’s passing and out of the blue, I decided I was going to run a 5K. I knew it was my mother whispering in my ear. I just knew I could do it and I wasn’t scared.

I knew that I needed to start slow. I found a program called “Couch to 5K” online. According to the program, in 9 weeks I’ll be running for 30 minutes straight which equals 3 miles. A 5K is 3.1 miles. I am on workout number 3 of week 3 and am doing great! It is not easy…but then again, what in life is?

Photo by Kristian Thøgersen.

I have three 5Ks that I’m going to run in March. After I do that, I may be hosting my own 5K and 10K run once I see how they are done. I want to set up a non-profit in memory of my mother. The run will be called “Kathy’s Clown” and I hope to have it on Mother’s Day 2013. The proceeds will go to help Scleroderma research and Chronic Lyme research.

Now, you may be wondering, what the heck does all that have to do with vaping? I truly don’t think I’d be doing ANY of this if I were still smoking traditional cigs. I really don’t. So, it’s a thank you to V4L and a challenge to us all to reach deep down inside and do something you’ve always wanted to do!

I’ll keep you updated on my journey! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers!

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