Friday’s Fab 5

I think it’s fun to learn about what products different people like. It’s interesting to see comments from customers raving about black licorice and orange juice, and thenĀ hear fromĀ others who think peach and blueberry are terrible. This may inspire you to give something new a try.

This Friday I am sharing my top 5 fabulous products with you.

Purple Kalabash Drip Tip

One of the coolest accessories is the drip tip. They are dual purposeful in that you can use them to keep your lips cool and make your e-cig look fancy.

3.5ml Magenta Tank

Tanks are great if you’re busy, and don’t have time to keep refilling a cart.

Vapor Titan Auto Short Magenta Battery

I love the smooth, velvet-like touch of the Vapor Titan batteries. They are so

My Fab 5

soft and have a great grip. The colors that these batteries come in are really energetic, especially the hot pink Magenta. I like the short batteries the best because they fit nicely inside a carrying case and are easy to handle. Auto batteries are great because you can use them hands-free. Plus, the Vapor Titan auto batteries are partly sealed, so I don’t have to worry about ruining the battery when I want to use juice.

Premium Turtle CoolCarts

Turtle is my favorite of the pre-filled cartomizers. When I want to vape I know that I can count on this delicious chocolate flavor to get me through the day. When someone asks what dessert flavor they should get, I always recommend Turtle.

Java Mint Nobacco Juice USA

Java Mint is by far my favorite flavor that Vapor4Life offers. This juice smells amazing. When you unscrew the bottle your nose is immediately met with peppermint and chocolate. This is a vape that I will never get sick of.

What are your top 5 products?

10 thoughts on “Friday’s Fab 5

  1. My top 5 V4L products:

    1. XL metallic diamond batteries, auto. I like the titan but for me I prefer the cool smooth feel of the regular diamond batteries better.

    2. Yellow 3.5 ml tanks. LOVE your tanks. The yellow is so pretty, especially with a yellow swirl drip tip. I like that these tanks come with the metal end caps too.

    3. Cool cartos. I prefer these over the wow cartos. I think most prefer the wow ones though.

    4. Java Mint – I also love the java mint juice!!!

    5. Peacemaker Peppermint – Such an awesome refreshing peppermint juice!!

  2. 1. XL Titan Diamonds in Black or Silver. Very sleek.
    2. I’m still hung up on regular cartos. I like the black cartos on the black batteries.
    3. Any color DT would go with this combo, but honestly…you can’t beat the white swirl Ming DT.
    4. I’m addicted to the V4L Blueberry and 4b) A close 2nd is the V4L Vanilla!
    5. I love my PassThrough. I now have 3 actually. Red and blue manuals and a gold Automatic.

    OK, OK…Admittedly that was SIX! But, in all fairness….I couldn’t help it! :)

  3. V4L flavors are so awesome. There are very few that I don’t like. My favorite batteries are XL manual Titans. I love the feel (like rose petals) and the colors. Favorite juice is still Beach Bum but I also have found a new love… Black Licorice. I recently tried Jammin and really liked it too. Outlaw Apple, BlackJack Berry and Smilin Menthol are also great. All the fruits and desserts are great. There are so many choices and it is so much fun to collect them all! I am just so happy to be analog free! If I would have known vaping was this much fun, colorful and flavorful I would have started sooner!

  4. My favorite is now my Ego.Always have 1 filled with Bandit Berry.Another is filled with Colonel Caramel and Outlaw Apple together.This company and everyone in it are awesome.

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