Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

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Earlier this year, V4L released its new line of batts, the Diamond and Stealth series. When I first joined, manuals were all I used due to the fear of killing an auto with juice. After my first Diamond arrived, those fears quickly passed due to the performance of the new autos. Months went by, and after a long wait, the manual versions of the Diamond and Stealth batts are finally here. After a few weeks of putting them through the rigors of testing, I can say without any reservation these are the best batts V4L have ever released.

Run times

The first noticeable thing about the new batts is they are longer than their previous brethren. This added length improves the run time. Using a 2.3 ohm WOW carto here are the average run times of the auto Diamonds vs. the new manuals with chain vaping:

ShortyAuto - 127 minutes; Manual – 145 minutes

Regular: Auto - 173 minutes; Manual – 199 minutes

XL: Auto – 252 minutes; Manual – 281 minutes

The cut-off is shorter, but the 20 seconds that the autos provided was overkill. The manuals have 10.6 second cut-off average time, in the nine I’ve tried so far. The button has the fastest response time of any manual I’ve ever tried, and thus far haven’t had any of the issues that would occasionally plague the older button styles (having to hit a certain spot to activate it, giving it a massage to get it to work, etc.).

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Stealth Manuals

What about the stealth line? They made some slight changes there as well. An added feature to these is a LED light under the button. This not only keeps it stealth, but gives people an indicator if it’s working and when it needs to be charged.

Like its earlier auto brethren, these batteries also hold their voltage over their life span until the very end. It really is a two gear batt, when it’s cruising along high in the vapor production, and throat hit potential is amazing (remember, the type of juice you’re vaping factors into both of those qualities). When it reaches near the end of its charge life both drop dramatically. This helps in determining when it’s time to charge while avoiding deep cycling.

The draw on these batts are by far the best yet of any manual as well. Manuals have always suffered from a tighter draw due to them being sealed (which some people prefer), but these do not suffer from that issue. They’re very comparable to a Diamond auto regular or XL batt in airflow terms. I never thought I’d return to manual batts, but I’m glad to say I was wrong.

3 thoughts on “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

  1. I believe it is when the battery power is so low that the light starts flashing. From what I understand, it reduces the overall life of the battery if you let them get that low before charging.

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