Holiday gift ideas for vapers

Holiday gift ideasThis is a guest blog post by Morandir. With Christmas just around the corner, and not to mention the biggest vaping holiday – New Years, there’s plenty of great options gift wise for the vaper or potential vaper in your life. Of course it all depends on what level of vaping they’re at. Here’s a quick rundown on some great choices from V4L.


New vaper or those looking to make the switch

If you have a friend or family member thinking about switching, a starter kit is a great gift. Go with a flavor similar to what they smoke, and suggest shooting for the middle of the road with nicotine content (18mg in this case). Of course letting them try whatever you currently use before getting them a kit can make picking something out for a new vaper much easier. For someone who’s recently started vaping, an extra battery, cartos, or juice are also good ideas.

Someone who’s been vaping a while, but still uses stick batts

For someone who falls into this category, I suggest getting them a bigger battery. Whether it’s an EGO kit or a Dial-A-Volt (DAV), this gives them an upgrade over what they currently have at least in terms of battery life. If you go with a DAV you can introduce them to the world of variable voltage.

An avid vaper who already uses fat batts

V4L currently offers two items that fit the bill. You can get them the V4L Handle which is the only mod V4L sells, or of course the Vapor Zeus. Both put them in the world of high voltage vaping.

For the vaper who has everything though you’re still not out of options. Juice, cartos, tanks, Smileos, in other words all the disposable accessories that they will have to replace at some point make the perfect gift. One year I bought a very good friend of mine 5 bottles of his favorite flavor and 5 tank cartos which he put to good use over the next few months.

Happy holidays vapers!

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