How to clean an electronic cigarette battery

How often do you clean your e-cigarette battery? If you answered “never” or “rarely” keep on readin’! Vapor4Life recommends giving batteries a good scrubbing weekly. Regular battery cleaning will keep it functioning and charging properly. Often a decrease in performance is the result of a blocked connection point. This is the area where a cartomizer or tank screws on the battery. If batteries are not cleaned regularly, then over time this connection part will become blocked with debris.

The good news is that battery cleaning is fast and easy! See the supplies needed and directions below.


  • Cotton swab
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Thumb tack or sewing needle


Step #1: Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and swab the battery connection point.

Step #2: Take a thumb tack and gently wiggle it through the air holes and crevices in the threading.

Step #3:  Use the cotton swab to go over all metal areas once again. Let the battery completely dry before using it.

Remember, a clean battery is a happy battery! If you experience problems with your battery please contact our friendly customer service team via phone Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm at (847) 944-8200, or fill out a support ticket.

20 thoughts on “How to clean an electronic cigarette battery

  1. What about the hole in the center of the battery? Is there anything that I need to worry about with getting juice or alcohol in the center? I also have a side question; What is the difference between Diamond and Stealth?

    Thank you very much,

    • Ignore the comment about the difference between diamond and stealth. I had to call about an order, so I found out. FYI for others who read this; the only difference is Stealth batteries don’t have an LED light.

      • I have also VK diamond batteries and VK ash cap batteries and the inside post does look different. The Ash cap has the little whole in the center where the diamond series has the post with the cross bar (almost like a screw). What is the difference there? For some reason I find the ash caps usually work better. I didn’t know however that I should have been using manual batteries b/c I fill my own carts. Should I be doing something after each vape to protect my automatic VK batteries?

        • Most of our batteries have a whole in the center post. The batteries that have a solid piece of metal across are sealed automatic batteries. Normally you don’t want to use carts you fill yourself with automatic batteries because juice can leak into the battery and cause the switch inside to get stuck, rendering the battery useless. We put seals on our automatic Vapor Titan batteries so that you could use DIY carts and tanks and not worry about leaking juice. We found that it’s best to leave autos unsealed, so we went back to making all of our batteries with the holes. Since you have a sealed auto batt you’re fine using carts you fill yourself.

    • Excellent question. If you use juice to refill cartomizers or tanks yourself, then it is important to use manual batteries rather than automatic batteries. Manual batteries are sealed and prevent juice from getting inside the battery (which can ruin it). When cleaning your batteries, use just enough rubbing alcohol to clean the threaded part of the battery (the post), and don’t let it get inside.

      • For the gap in the top of the post, between the threads and the center post, a small bottle brush a little bigger than a pen works great! Just use the tip of the brush and ‘spin’ it over top of the center post and the bristles will get in the gap and clean out the gunk. Like Audrey pointed out though, don’t get rubbing alcohol inside and just clean it with the brush with it dry. It actually works better to clean it dry anyways as it flakes out easier.

      • I use the square alcohol swabs to clean the threads on my battery and the charger..I use a toothbrush to clean between the post and threads…and a sewing needle to clean the air holes….I use only manual batteries because I fill my own carts….:)

  2. Good advice. I didn’t know they needed to be cleaned, perhaps because I think of them as being disposable even though they’re not. Good advice Audrey.

  3. I actually use 100 proof (cheapest I can find) vodka to clean my batteries.
    How does one clean the charger(s)?

    • Hey Sean, you can clean an ecig charger by taking a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and going over the metal part that connects to a battery. Then make sure it’s totally dry before charging anything.

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  5. This question is a little bit off topic, but I couldn’t find any information on how to dry out a battery that’s been dropped into water. Is that even possible? I dropped my Dial-a-Volt in water and I’m really hoping I can salvage it. Please help!

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