I wanted to walk on the beach, not cigarette butts

During the summer months, the beach is one of the top go-to destinations. Beaches are continuously filled with people running through the sand, tanning on towels, or splashing in the water. However, there seems to be more appearing in the sand than just seashells these days.

According to the Ocean Conservancy, cigarette butts are the highest littered item and make up 32-percent of total debris items on the coastline. Cigarette butts account for over a third of all debris, which almost triples the second highest offender of food wrappers and containers. In 2010 alone, the Ocean Conservancy reports that the amount of cigarettes/cigarette butts they collected is equal to nearly ninety-five thousand (94,626) packs of cigarettes.

Image courtesy of the Ocean Conservancy

In a society where “green” and eco-friendliness is always in fashion, it is shocking to see how much litter is found on the beach. You do not need to nix your cigarette intake or even stop smoking, but there are ways to help lessen the debris.

A quick way to eliminate the cigarette litter is by disposing of butts in ash tray receptacles or garbage cans. An even more eco-friendly way to avoid cigarette butt litter is to use electronic cigarettes as a smoking alternative. Electronic cigarettes do not produce ash nor cigarette butts. Most of the items used with electronic cigarettes are recyclable and/or reusable many times over. For example, electronic cigarette company Vapor4Life says their batteries can be recharged 200-300+ times each. Batteries can then be disposed of in a more environmentally-safe way by utilizing free rechargeable battery recycling programs such as Call2Recycle.

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