I’m Going to China!

Just a brief personal introduction for those that do not know me. My name is Mark and I have been working at V4L for two and a half years, or in other words, since the beginning. I started using ecigs a couple of weeks before coming to work for V4L. One of my big responsibilities at the company is product development and testing. I have extensively used every product that we have ever carried and I consider myself to be a product expert in terms of electronic cigarettes.

The best e-cigarette for our customers
Most of our products come from China (with the exception of the Nobacco Juice USA). For all intents and purposes, China invented the e-cigarettes that we use today. We work with many leading suppliers in China and part of my job is to help them understand what V4L are looking for in our products, and to help them understand how we crazy Americans use ecigs in general.

About three weeks ago, Steve, the owner of V4L, said to me “Mark, you’re going to China.” My first thought was…”My wife is gonna kill me.” She gets anxious when I go somewhere overnight, let alone to another country for 10 days!

People have been asking me if I’m nervous and the answer is a little bit. I’d say I’m 80% excited and 20% nervous. I’ve never even left the continent, let alone halfway around the world. However, it is a great opportunity for me personally, and it will definitely help improve V4L’s products.

The future is bright
Vapor4Life has many new products scheduled to come out in the next few months. My main goal in China will be to test some of these new products and make suggestions for improvements. I really want to develop a relationship with the engineers and explain to them what we want. We want our products to have the best user experience possible while maintaining our high standards for quality.

I will be keeping a travelogue of sorts during my trip. Some of it will be about visiting the factories, but also about the experience in general. I hope to provide some insight into the ecig factory experience in China. I’m taking a video camera with me, so once I return home I will put my videos on the Vapor4Life YouTube channel.

Wish me safe travels, and check back soon for updates! Until next time….VAPE ON!

3 thoughts on “I’m Going to China!

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  2. If they put a ban on e-ciaergttes why not ban actual ciaergttes and other tobacco products which have been proven all over the world to be imperious to your health. It doesn’t make much sense to me besides the financial aspect of the argument. Time will tell if the e-cigarette still harms your lungs etc, but there is enough evidence so far that the nicotine vapor is nowhere near as harmful as actual burning tobacco smoke from the regulars ciaergttes. It might still cause heart disease.

  3. What we are dealing with is caelld addiction to nicotine. I am 58 and have been smoking for 45 years.I e-smoke now.I feel great I have breath,I am not a 5Th rate citizen anymore,I can do this most anywhere. If you smoke or anyone that you care about you need a e-cig,and not just one that this guy is selling a good quaility one,like any addiction some may never be able to quit so long life must be taken in. In about 2 weeks or so they will thank you for it. It’s not for everyone,should be

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