It’s Not A Cigarette

Names, names, what’s in a name? A name is a word or phrase by which a person, thing, or class of things is known, called, or spoken to or of. It is a word expressing some quality considered characteristics or descriptive of a person or thing, often showing approval or disapproval.*

America is the melting pot of languages and cultures. Many of our words are adaptations of others from different regions of the world. We have all kinds of names for cigarettes. We call them cigs, squares, smokes, ciggies, coffin nails, cancer sticks, analogs, and fags. Throughout the history of tobacco cigarettes, the names for them has changed. It is a little different depending on where you are in the world, and the decade.

So too, electronic cigarettes have multiple names. Electronic cigarette can be shorted to e-

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cig, ecig, eCig, e-cigarette, ecigarette, or eCigarette. There is no right or wrong way to capitalize or punctuate this word. They all have the same meaning, and they aren’t so different as to confuse consumers.

E-cigs may be called electric cigs, electric cigarettes, personal vaporizers (PV for short), smoke sticks, vape sticks, vapor sticks, vapor cigarettes, faux cigs, inhalers, personal vaporizing devices and smokeless cigarettes. Some users refer to theirs by brand name such as Vapor Titan, Vapor King, or King Diamond.

What do you call your ecig?

*Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition (coincidentally, Webster’s slogan on the book is “The Name You Trust”.)

7 thoughts on “It’s Not A Cigarette

  1. Very good Audrey! I had forgotten some of the names (coffin nail) and it was great to see it used in this blog when thinking comparison!

    I am still working on my comfortable name (one which just seems to roll out), so liked hearing what others refer to them as.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Mystic, I appreciate that. I’m so glad I asked for some topic ideas from the forum! I think all the names are pretty interesting. I’m sure they vary in popularity around the world as well.

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