Lighting Up In Airport Smoking Lounges

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It’s summertime and for many that means time for a vacation! If your destination requires travel by plane then you already know what you can and can’t bring, that liquids must be in sealed plastic bags, that you can bring aboard a suitcase, and a purse or backpack. You know to skip the belt and wear slip-on shoes to get through the security gates quicker.

Now if you’re a smoker, you used to be able to light up in an airport smoking lounge right before or after your flight. Well these lounges are disappearing quickly. According to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, indoor smoking is banned at 27 of the 35 busiest airports in the U.S.

What a better time than now to switch to a smoking alternative. Electronic cigarettes mimic real analogs in a number of ways. From the end tip lighting up to look like it’s on fire, to the sizzle sound the cartomizer (cartridge) makes to sound like its burning, an ecig feels like a real one. Also known as personal vaporizers, many e-cigarette styles are made to look like analogs. People who use the Vapor King and Vapor Titan “stick batts” feel like they are smoking. They are long and slender like cigarettes and come in tobacco flavors Traditional Tobacco, Richmond Tobacco, Virginia, and more. For smokers who enjoy menthol cigarettes, there are vapor juice flavors like New Menthol, Peppermint and Wintergreen.

Since everyone is different and some people smoke more than others, it’s important that you get enough nicotine to satisfy your personal needs. Vapor4Life’s ecigs come in seven levels of nicotine. As the levels increase, the more throat hit you will feel when you inhale.

If you are a smoker, it’s time you try the best alternative – electronic cigarettes. If you have questions about how they work, or need help ordering please leave a comment in the section below. You can also visit our forum, Facebook, or Twitter page. Friendly customer service reps are available by phone at (847) 944-8200 Monday through Friday, 9am to 7pm Central time.

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  1. I’m used to smoking about a pack a day setmmioes a few less and every cartridge I have used except 2 have worked all day. I usually replace them every day and start a fresh cartridge and it works for me. The 2 other started tasting bad about half way through the day and I knew they must not of filled it completely or something. I have had good ones for the most part though. The Chocolate ones I got with 0mg nicotine just to try last a lot longer it seems.

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