Looking for product reviewers!

[Img courtesy of http://bit.ly/12ocNQk]

[Img courtesy of http://bit.ly/12ocNQk]

Are you interested in reviewing Vapor4Life prototypes and new products? In order to continue to lead the electronic cigarette industry and create the ultimate in vaping pleasure, Vapor4Life needs your help. We are looking for about 10 committed vapers to test and review our new products. Join our new Customer Product Review Team to be one of the very first customers to sample, honestly review Vapor4Life’s latest and greatest, and make suggestions. To be considered as a member of our Review Team, please submit the following information to talktous@vapor4life.com by Friday, April 12:

  • Name
  • Brief personal bio
  • Brief summary describing your history with smoking and ecigs
  • Brief summary describing your relationship with Vapor4Life and Vapor4Life products
  • Your favorite ecig products, and what you have been using
  • Links to your public social sites where you would be able to share info and reviews (examples: your website, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, ECF profile page, V4L Forum profile page, etc.)
  • Reasons we should choose you to receive free products for evaluation
  • Are you willing to do video and/or written reviews?

Thank you for being part of the V4L Family! Steve and the team is looking forward to finding members for our new Review Team!

2 thoughts on “Looking for product reviewers!

  1. Good afternoon,
    My name is Mark Harvin, I’m 29, from the Bay Area in Northern California.
    I like to skateboard, dig through vinyl, ride around in Cadillacs with subwoofers, take pictures of things, stay clean and sober, and vape.
    I started smoking at 18 and rolled my own smokes for the next 11 years.
    I wanted to try e-cigs to cut down my cigarettes to only the “good” ones.
    Not the other seven I would smoke throughout the day.
    That’s when I found V4L.
    After being lost in all the 2 dollar websites and information overload on the web, your site and cigar titian battery had me in love at first sight.
    Vaping has changed my life and since Valentine’s day I’ve basically forgotten to have a cigarette. I’ve joined ECF and V4L Forums and have been reading everything I can find and trying out everything I can afford.
    My favorite vape right now is the OMG All Day, currently with New Menthol Wow.
    I am active on all social networks and can share reviews there no problem.
    I should receive free products to evaluate because my enthusiasm is closer to obsession at this point and that makes for good work.
    I have an open mind to the industry because I don’t have any of the prejudices or conditioning associated with being part of a community (such as the vaping world) for a long period of time.
    I love to write and though I haven’t done much recording, I am not camera shy, have the means to do so, and am excited at the opportunity to make some more video reviews.
    From smoke shop disposables to an V4L auto titan, to V4L ego, then tanks came into play (loooove tanks), to OMG All Day, to my non-V4L friends who use clearomizers, Vivi Novias, variable voltage/variable watt eVics etc. I have tried to get my hands on everything to find what works best for my lifestyle, sense of style, and vaping habits.
    I pledge honesty and my best efforts if given the chance to review for V4L.

    Thank you much,
    Mark Harvin
    Last Of The Only, Loto

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