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You’ve probably heard that phrase “Real men wear pink” to support breast cancer awareness. How about this one “Macho Men Vape Ecigs”? V4L carries a huge selection of colors, styles, sizes, flavors in each product category. Stereotypically speaking, more women than men are interested in fashion, and matching their ensembles and accessories. Most men on the other hand couldn’t care less about such trivial things. They want to look good, but don’t want to spend a lot of time picking out things to go together. Looking at our vast battery choice, you see a bunch of pretty colors, one even has a diamond on the end. Well if you’re a guy, chances are that you don’t particularly care for a bright, flashy ecig.

Male Acceptable Carts

Faux Filter Blank Cart

Guys can look macho while vaping, and they don’t have to do it with a pink battery. V4L offers several choices that are less noticeable. For starters, there is the cartomizer. One of the most important parts about vaping, is that you like the flavor. So go ahead, try a few carts until you find one that you could use all day. The color of the actual cart might be pink, red, bright green, purple; or a more neutral color like white, black, or brown. Once you find your flavor, you can buy the juice to fill carts yourself. That’s actually an easy process. If you’re not fond of your cart color, get some blanks. They come in both CoolCarts and WOW, whichever you prefer. Our blank carts come in black, white, red, green, royal blue, gold, copper, silver, light blue, yellow, light brown, and orange. Then there is a really cool one – the faux filters. These are light orange with white flecks, very similar to a traditional cigarette filter.

Male Acceptable Batteries

When it comes to the color of your battery, you have plenty to choose from. If you’re looking for an ecig that closely resembles an analog, get a white battery with a red LED and faux filter cart to go with it. Other ‘male friendly’ battery colors that V4L carries include black, matte black, gold, gun metal, platinum, and chrome. Gun metal is a great choice for people who don’t want their ecig to look used. No matter how much wear and tear you put on the battery, it will continue to look like new, because it won’t scratch, as it is not painted. Another good choice is the matte black, because it’s finish is not glossy.

Stealth Battery

There are two types of batteries that would appeal to a male audience: Vapor Kings and Stealth Series. The standard Vapor Kings come in the starter kits, and have a ‘ash cap.’ The end of the battery is a gray tip that resembles the ash on a cigarette. Stealth batteries do not have an LED on the tip, so they are more inconspicuous. The Stealth batteries come in several colors with an overlay of camouflage paint. Guys might like the blue, green, or gold camouflage colored Stealth batteries.

I’m interested in your thoughts on ‘manly’ e-cigarettes. Are you a guy that vapes using one kind of batt/cart combo? Let me know in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “Macho Men Vape ECigs

  1. Ms. Audrey I may just be a giant dork and not so much a “macho” guy, but personally love the king diamond batts. The jewel tip doesn’t come off as “girly” more like it’s a gentleman’s ecig. It’s classy not flashy… :)

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