Mix & Match

It’s no secret that women love to match. We match our shoes to our purses, and our jewelry to our outfits. Well there’s another class for women vapers. Vaping women are now seen matching their batteries to their carts, and their electronic cigarettes to their wardrobe ensemble. Some women collect shoes, some collect purses, and some collect e-cig batteries. With the huge selection that Vapor4Life offers, its hard to not want a battery in every available color. If you think about all the possible combinations, it could make your head spin!

Not Just For Women

Vaping men can also coordinate their electronic cigarettes, and not get chastised for it. Guys want to look cool too. Now they can join in on the fun by supporting their favorite sports teams. A Chicago Bears fan, can show his support by having a blue battery with an orange cart. The cold weather is right around the corner, and those jerseys will soon be hidden under bulky winter coats. Without spending money on an expensive team-licensed coat, fans can show their team spirit via their e-cig!

Team Sports

Think about all the different teams you support. Now think about their colors and how you can combine e-cig accessories to create the greatest fan look. V4L recently received a large shipment of blank carts in a range of colors. We have blank carts in packs of gold, green, light blue, red, royal blue, and white. We also carry sampler packs that contain five different colors. The CoolCarts Sampler Pack #1 includes black, white, red, green, and royal blue. I’m thinking Chicago White Sox, Detroit Red Wings, Green Bay Packers, and the Indianapolis Colts perhaps?

The CoolCarts Sampler Pack #2 has one of each of these: gold, copper, pink, silver, and light blue. Paired with the right color battery, you could support the San Diego Chargers, Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, and the St. Louis Rams. Houston Texans fans could get a bright red carrying case to hold and protect their blue batteries with white 555 carts inside. This look could also be used on Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or Labor Day.

Celebrate Good Times

Speaking of holidays, Halloween is just days away. How about using a purple battery with an orange cart attached? The possibilities are nearly endless. With over 150 different flavored carts (of various colors) and batteries in nearly every color of the rainbow, your e-cig can have a new look every day.

So put on those thinking caps, and figure out how you too can show love for your favorite team or get into the holiday spirit! Do you like to mix and match? What combinations have you put together?

2 thoughts on “Mix & Match

  1. I mix and match flavors too. Apple with clove, Dr. pepper with orange juice sounds nasty, but it’s really pretty good! (lots of Dr. Pepper e-juice in an OJ cart that is about half used….yum

  2. I’m assuming that you have a 110 Amp tnillorg motor battery that has been discharged fully. Set the charger on Automatic. The charger will start charging at a low amperage then increase gradually. Once it reaches it’s continuous duty limit it will level out until the battery is fully charged. Some but not all chargers will cut completely off at this point. Others remain at a slow trickle rate. Good luck!!!

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