Most frequently asked e-cigarette questions (Part 2 of 2)

This is a guest post written by Morandir835, an e-cig enthusiast, admin on the Vapor4Life forum, and a regular on their ECF sub forum.

Hardware preferences vary as much as flavor. V4L offers a few hardware options now, but there are different kits from other vendors that some people prefer. I will mainly focus on what V4L carries.

Connection type

Currently everything V4L carries is 808 threaded. The other popular connection is the 510. The major differences between these two connections is airflow. The 510 has a stiffer draw and less airflow than the 808 connection does. You’ll find people on both sides of the fence on which they prefer and why.


510 items are usually regulated to 3.2 to 3.4V depending on the marker. There are what they call “generation 2″ KR808 batts regulated to the 3.6V range as well. All of V4L’s batteries are unregulated. The EGOs they carry have not only the 808 threading, but start at the 4V+ range on load like all their batts. The Vapor King line (ash cap) batts start at the 4.1~V range and quickly work their way down to 3.7V range. The Vapor King Diamond and Stealth series start at the 4.1V+ range as well but hold their voltage through most of their life. The USB passthroughs run at 5V. There are some people who prefer higher voltage, and some who like lower. I know a few people who bought mods because anything less than 5V wouldn’t cut it for them and they didn’t want to be attached to a power outlet to vape. Others swear by 510 batts because they only come in at 3.2V. It all comes down to the individual’s preference.

Battery life

Original Vapor King Diamond Automatic Battery

The general rule of thumb is the bigger the batt, the longer use time you’ll get out of it. This isn’t always true, because other factors come into play, but for now I will keep it as simple as possible. There are people who value battery life over everything else. Those using dual coil cartos (like those in the tanks) battery life is usually their top priority. Some prefer having a battery that resembles an analog more than anything though.

Atty, Carto, or Tank

The last most debated topic when it comes to ecigs is “what should I use with my battery and juice?” There is no straight answer. There are people who will say that going with an atomizer is the best way, others swear by cartos, others still tanks. Attys need the most work because you can only use a few drops, cartos give you a good mix of amount of juice along with looking like a filter for an analog. Tanks give you greatest amount of juice, but come with other issues like a learning curve.

In the end what’s most important isn’t what you vape, but that you vape.

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