My Journey Into Vaping, Reviewing and Blogging

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This is a guest post written by Steve from Steve K’s Vaping World.

Hello everyone! My name is Steve, you may have seen me around the internet writing about e-cigarettes on my blog or on ECF under the user name ‘StotheK.’ That’s S to the K, which is a play on my initials S.K.

Since Vapor4Life was kind enough to open their blog’s virtual doors to guest bloggers, I figured it best to be polite and introduce myself. This post seemed like a great place to talk about my experiences and how I ended up where I am today.

The Reluctant Vaper

I have been vaping for about eight months now. My exposure to e-cigarettes was initially through a co-worker who had purchased a terrible e-cigarette from a mall kiosk. I blew off the idea and made fun of the poor guy for spending a ton of cash on something that broke every other day. Several months went by and then there was an outbreak of e-cigarette use in another department at work.

Curiosity got the best of me, so I started asking a co-worker about the device. She absolutely raved about e-cigarettes, and more importantly found a source online that sold them for much less than the mall.

Under the sage guidance of my co-worker and new vaping buddy, I placed my order. I was excited the day the e-cigarette arrived. After a brief amount of time with it, I thought there was something wrong with me. This M401 based kit worked well at first, but after the second day wouldn’t perform well at all and turned out to be low quality.

Taking it to the Next Level

I decided the time for some independent research had come. After wading through a ton of less than unbiased review blogs, I finally landed at the ECF. The amount of information there was staggering, like drinking from a fire hose. I began reading, and reading and reading some more. The next day (about three days after getting my original kit) I placed an order for a different starter kit.

I kept up with the ECF after that. Eventually gathering up the courage to start posting in the newbie’s forum. I did it to get enough posts to enter a contest on the V4L sub forum. I kept reading and participating, and after a week with my second starter kit I ordered a “big battery” model.

At this point, I realized I was hooked. I’m not talking about any sort of chemical addiction here, but rather the e-cigarette devices themselves. I’m a total gadget hound and I work with technology professionally. e-Cigarettes combine two of my favorite things, smoking and gadgets. I took to the devices like a fish to water.

All the while I participated more and more in threads on the ECF, amazed at how friendly the community was. I even stumbled on to the Pay It Forward community where I was given my very first drip tip (which I am using now as I compose this post).

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All In

As I continued to amass knowledge (and gear) I began to wonder what else I could do. I was regarded as the e-cigarette expert at work fairly early on and people came to me with questions (and upgraded from those 401 kits in droves). At that point I had a crazy idea. Why not start a blog?

I thought about the current state of reviews on the internet. As many of you probably found, there were a lot of great video reviewers out there, but legitimate written reviews weren’t as easily found. There were a few good sites, though many of them were only updated occasionally or apparently were abandoned.

I decided that despite having a full workload with the job, starting an MBA program and having small children at home, I was going to start an e-cigarette review blog. The fact I never seriously tried to blog before wasn’t going to stop me. Not only that, I intended to update it, at least daily.


Did I mention that this launched in June after I had been vaping full-time for all of three months? Now that I’ve laid it out in writing, the whole thing seems crazy to me. It’s been a challenge, but I’m glad I did it. While the experience has helped me learn a lot about both e-cigarettes and blogging, the best part has been the people I’ve had the privilege to interact with as a blogger, a commenter, and now a guest blogger.

Hands-down it is these interactions I appreciate the most about vaping. There are of course many positives to using e-cigarettes. But for me, the best thing about making the switch is being able to interact with the community.

So beyond introducing myself and how I got here, I wanted to use this posting opportunity to thank you. This community is genuinely warm, welcoming and helpful. Thank you for being part of the amazing vaping community!

Check out Steve’s blog, or contact him via Twitter or Facebook.

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