My New Favorites: Tanks and Vapor Titan Batteries

The Tanks

2012 is shaping up to be a great year! V4L has released many great new products. I have been in love with the new tanks since they came out. If you are new to vaping, you may be hesitant to try these. I suggest trying out flavors and pre-filled cartos before moving on to filling blank cartos with your own juice.

I believe that after you master filling your own cartos it would be easier to figure out the tanks. But by all means if you are feeling adventurous and confident, go for it and try them out! I suggest you check out the blogs, reviews, and videos already made on how to fill the tanks and for further technical information. The best video reviews are done by Snowdragon on the ECF and V4L forum. The tanks come in 6.5mL and 3.5mL sizes. The tanks were first released as only dual coils but now they also have dual and single coil replacement cartos. The tanks are perfect for vapers like me that have a main flavor of juice they use all day. It’s like having a fresh carto all the time! It makes for a great vape!

Good News

I have been testing out the tanks on the new Vapor Titan manual batteries. I have not tried the single coil replacement cartos, but the Vapor Titan batts have been working well with the dual coils. Because they have two coils instead of one, this causes the power to drain faster in the battery, but I think it is worth it for the great throat hit and vapor. Again I used the dual coil tanks on the Vapor Titan Manuals. I would very much like to try the single coils to compare. They also work very well with the CoolCarts (which I favor over WOW carts) which is still the best combination for me. The Vapor Titan batteries have a new cell unique to V4L. I suggest looking for Morandir’s test data for the best information on the new batteries.

The new batts also have a new coating on them that makes them “soft touch.” They feel and look great. They come in an assortment of vibrant new colors. My favorite part about the Vapor Titan autos is that they are as close to a sealed auto as possible and resistant to leakage. This means we no longer have to worry as much about juice leaking into the center when using juice and killing the battery. These new auto batts make it hard to kill with juice (but please don’t try because it is possible). I highly recommend trying these new batteries out!

I hope you all have a blissful day today! Vape on!

6 thoughts on “My New Favorites: Tanks and Vapor Titan Batteries

    • Yes I am a true believer. It’s been about a year and a half since I quit trodtiianal cigarettes and started the e-cigs. I have not smoke a single cigarette and I actually haven’t used an e-cig for about 6 months. So it took me around a year of using the e-cig to quit everything all together :) I do have cravings still but I find that the e-cig was the right tool for me to quit

    • some people enjoy smkinog but dont want to deal with the dangerous health effects anymore. marissa is correct, her mouth does not smell like any ashtray anymore. vapping is much safer than smkinog and if you enjoy it all the more power to you. you got off of tobacco and that is what matters. you are no longer inhaling burning tobacco. if you feel you need to quit vaping than do it, but if not just be happy that its much safer. i vape 18MG juice and love it.

  1. I just love you. You are the first person to come up and say you like the skiomng activity/ritual and how complex it is psychologically speaking [...] This is my case, I want to stop skiomng but the skiomng activity and that nicotine kick while reading, writing, programing or any other cerebral activity is a must for me. Sad but true. Also, you cleared up that BS about PG and VG juice. Now I do understand! Are you a true believer or is it a mediocre replacement? Cheers and thanks again

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