My Trip to China – Part 2

I’ve been in China for five days now and it has been an exciting experience! I did some time traveling on the way over. I left on Thursday about 1 PM Chicago-time and after a 15 hour flight, arrived on Friday at 5 PM Hong Kong-time. Basically I lost a day to travel. Don’t worry, I’ll get it back when I come home.

The biggest challenge for me was the time difference. When its night, it feels like day, and when its daytime, it feels like night. Just trying to get my sleep schedule adjusted has been difficult. I guess they call it jet lag for a reason.

I spent Saturday, my first full day here, at one of the factories. Vapor4Life is developing many new products, and the factory had a whole bunch of samples ready for Steve and I to test. I can’t wait to show everyone what we have coming out during the rest of the year!

Since then, I have been back to the factory twice more. It is amazing to me how quickly they can take our suggestions and create new samples. We have been through a few variations of several products already, making improvements along the way. By the time I leave, we will hopefully have a green light on four or five exciting new products. The first of these may even hit the market next month!

I have not had much time to do videos yet, as I had a technical glitch with the video camera. I think it is all set now, so I’ll be sure to get some good footage in the second half of the trip.

The food is another huge difference. I like Chinese food in the USA, but authentic Chinese food is completely different and better in most cases. There are some other familiar items from home that I’ve tried. Coca Cola tastes like the Coca Cola I know, as does the Chinese McDonald’s cheeseburger.

All in all the trip has been good thus far. I still have a lot to accomplish in my short time here, but it will get done. Check back next week for the wrap up to my China trip.

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