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This is a guest post written by Keyzygirl from Key West, Florida. Laid back and vaping in paradise.

I am amazed at all the new choices at V4L. They have introduced so many new products lately. I will have to put in an order and try them out. I am very impressed with V4L and have yet to be disappointed.

I’m using my new magenta-colored, XL diamond manual. I love it because its perfect for when I’m out and want something small and pretty. It has a great hit, vapes awesome and feels nice in my hand. I will have to get a few more, and maybe try the shorter version.

VGO Alternative Kit

I’m looking at the new VGO, which looks very cool. It’s an 808 fat battery and compatible with V4L cartos. It uses filler-less tanks/cartos that have a built-in atomizer (a.k.a. atty). It has 4 volts when fully charged, and 900 mah. The kit comes with two batts that should last through the day for most people. This will be very convenient for people on the go. It’s fatter battery, but the extra size is worth the amount of charge time. Plus, with the new tanks, they won’t need to be topped off as much. A full tank should last a while. If you’re busy and have a hectic workday, the VGO would be a great solution for you.

The next new product is the Aurora. It looks like it will be a big hit. I’m going to

Aurora Alternative Kit

test this one with the new V4L USA Nobacco Juices. It comes with two 4 volt 350 mah oval-shaped batteries. I’ve never seen this shape battery before and it looks pretty interesting. This battery is in its own category. They are not compatible with the other V4L products, so you can’t use your current cartos with this kit. The Aurora has a separate atomizer and tank. The kit comes with two attys and five empty tanks. The tanks are refillable. They also sound easy to fill which is important, and you can use any juice you want in them. They hold about 1.5 ml so that should last a while. This kit sounds kind of elegant to me, as its very attractive and looks easy to use. As soon as I try it out, I’ll be sure to blog about my experience.

EGO-T Alternative Kit

There is also an EGO Kit available now. I’m sure it’s a good kit. Just remember it’s not a KR808 batt, so it’s not compatible with V4L chargers or cartos.

I’ll write an update after I try these great new additions to the V4L lineup. Thank you V4L for always keeping up with what’s new in the vaping world. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Vape On!

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2 thoughts on “New Alternative Kits

  1. I have been using V4L products for quite some time, and recently received the VGO kit. Wow!! What a difference! It definitely takes some getting used to. I am so used to filling my own cool-carts, and using my auto and manual batteries (colors!). The first thing that threw me was the size of the battery, and, the length with the tank and mouthpiece attached. Definitely much weightier, so no more dangling it from my lips (or teeth) like my other ones :-)
    The vapor on these is like nothing I have seen with the standard batts I have. You can screw on a regular cart to these also, but they really look silly, and your cart goes dry much quicker. Since there seems to be no absorbent material in them, I “feel” like I am getting more nicotine, not sure about that, but may have to go down a few mgs. This is definitely NOT a battery you can use in public without a lot of attention, since it is bigger around, so is the bright green LED tip. On the plus side, I actually used it as a flashlight the other night on my way thru a dark part of the house (minus the tank, of course). I am still getting the hang of the right amount to fill them, as I have gotten a little fluid from the mouthpiece, and am waiting on a question I asked V4L about the “cleanability” of the tanks., etc. All in all, this is not something I can easily conceal or use at work (have to use stealth), but around the house and in the car, I don’t have to worry about changing carts or charging batteries so often. I think I like them so far

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