How to assemble and use your first ecig

Congrats! You just received your first ecig starter kit in the mail. You did your research and figured out what to buy. It just came in the mail and you can’t wait to get started. I’m going to take you through the process so you know what to do.

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Sweet or sour e-liquid contest

Do you prefer sweet or sour when it comes to your food? Are your taste buds the same for your preference in juice? I don’t know if you noticed, but October is all about flavors. Last Friday was Sweetest Day, yesterday was Food Day and today is Sour Day. We’re celebrating with a photo contest. The top 5 pics win a $75 gift certificate to buy a sweet or sour e-juice to match their favorite food. Here’s how it works:

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With a new proposed cigarette tax, it’s time for you to start “vaping”

[Pic from our party:]

If there was ever a time to switch to ecigs, it’s now. Today Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel presented his new 2014 budget to the Chicago City Council. If approved, cigarettes will cost 75 cents more per pack! Chicago would have the highest cigarette tax in the country. This would give the city an extra $10 million in revenue. Are you willing to shell out more dough for your cigarettes?

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How Chinese New Year affects the ecig industry

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Written by guest blogger Morandir835.

Every year at the end of January or early February is Chinese New Year. Not only is it the longest festival in China lasting for 15 days, there is what has been called the Chinese New Year hangover that follows. The entire country shuts down for CNY, and afterwards a very large percentage of their population changes jobs. This high turnover of employees translates to delays due to training, which in turn means more delays when getting product from China.

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Should I get the Dial-A-Volt or Vapor Zeus?

A lot of people ask me, “should I get the Vapor Zeus or Dial-A-Volt?” I usually say both, because they are totally different and both revolutionary in their own way. If you have to choose one, then I hope when you’re done reading this you’ll have enough info to decide. Both our Vapor Zeus and Dial-A-Volt batteries come in two versions – manual and auto. Actually the Vapor Zeus Dual Mode – get this – has BOTH options. Very cool. These batteries have a soft touch, just like our Vapor Titan stick batts. They come in 5 colors (black, blue, cigar, green, and magenta). Both the Zeus and DAV are KR808D-threaded and will work with Smileomizers, 808 tanks, CoolCarts and WOW Vapor cartomizers. The main differences between the Zeus and Dial-A-Volt is that the Zeus can be used as a passthrough, and the DAV’s voltage can be adjusted.

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Update on Evanston’s potential ecig ban

Evanston City Council

Last night, BHam, Brian, and I attended an Evanston City Council meeting. We were there to show our opposition to their potential ordinance that would prohibit vaping in any place that now prohibits smoking. We were happy to see that our friend Stephanie (“Loveridden” on the forums), several Vapor4Life customers, a Wicker Park vapor shop owner, Michael Cozy – a CASAA rep, and a few other vapers were also there in support of ecigs.

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Help stop a vaping ban in Evanston, IL!

Let your voice be heard! [Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons]

Vapers, we need your help! The Evanston City Council (Chicago suburb) will hear testimony and likely vote on a vaping ban this coming Monday, October 14. The hearing will take place around 7:30 p.m. at the Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center at 2100 Ridge Ave. in Evanston, IL. The Ordinance No. 80-0-13 would prohibit the sale of ecigs and e-liquid to minors, but ALSO ban vaping wherever smoking is banned in the city.

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Upcoming Vapercon 2013

This was written by guest blogger, Morandir.

One of the best ways to meet fellow vapers in person are conventions. There’s quite a few of them around the country held throughout the year. There’s far more to them than just the buying and selling of multiple PVs (personal vaporizers) from vendors around the country, it’s where vapers get to interact with each other, explore new items first hand, and pick up a lot of tricks and tips from avid vapers.

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Ooops, I “forgot” my new Vapor Zeus ecig

So my dad made the switch! That’s right, after a year of pestering him to throw out his cigarettes, he finally broke the habit! So what got him to commit to vaping? He was finally ready!

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Vapers can now earn free ecig swag

Today we are rolling out a new rewards program for our customers. It’s called the VIV Rewards Program. “VIV” stands for Very Important Vapers. If you’re not familiar with the term “vaper”, it’s easy to understand. A vaper is simply someone who uses electronic cigarettes.

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