Recycle Old E-Cigarette Batteries

Did you know that your electronic cigarette batteries can be recycled? It’s true!There is only one free rechargeable battery and cell phone collection program in North America: Call2Recycle. In efforts to be an environmentally responsible organization, Vapor4Life has recently partnered with Call2Recyle. Their program provides all the tools necessary to make recycling easy. They send out boxes and bags to locations that request the supplies. 

Litter Butt

Traditional cigarettes are a huge impedance to the environment. Butts lay everywhere, creating an eye-sore all over the world. E-cigarettes help reduce that waste because they are battery-operated. An e-cigarette battery may be recharged and reused about 300 times. A battery will eventually retire and no longer be useable. The person using the e-cigarette usually throws it away, or keeps it in their collection. Tossing batteries in the trash is never a good idea. Keeping old products that no longer work doesn’t make much sense either. The best way to get rid of an e-cigarette battery is to take it somewhere to be recycled.

Can I Recycle This?

Call2Recycle Collection Box

Since starting the battery recycling program, Vapor4Life has become proactive about informing their customers that their products can be recycled. Some e-cigarette users on Facebook have asked where they can take their batteries. Vapor4Life directs them to the Call2Recycle Facebook Page at

Making It Easy

Vapor4Life’s Smokeless Lounge & Store just added a recycling box so that customers can come in to recycle their old batteries. People can also recycle their cell phones and any other rechargeable battery they want to drop off. The directions are simple. Just put the battery in one of the plastic bags provided, seal it, and drop it into the box. When the box is full, Vapor4Life will ship it back to Call2Recycle.

Not local?

If you don’t live near the Vapor4Life Smokeless Lounge & Store, you can still recycle your e-cigarette batteries. You may mail them to the Vapor4Life Customer Service Department with a note stating that they are to be recycled. Or, you can find a program near you by going to

What do you usually do with your e-cigarette batteries when they’re dead? Tell us in the comment section below.

7 thoughts on “Recycle Old E-Cigarette Batteries

  1. I am fairly new to vaping so I only have a couple batteries. I’ve been keeping them in a drawer with an old cell phone until I could figure out a safe way to dispose of them. This information helps solve that problem! Thanks so much!

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  4. Depending on what went wrong with the e-cig, sometimes the batteries can be recycled into “wearable pixel” power sources or retasked for reviving old Bluetooth headsets, helis etc even if the internal impedance is too high for vaping.
    I’ve just found one in the road and the battery tests fine, measured >3V and ran my EL wire driver perfectly.

  5. I read on this site that you can soak the batteries in cool salt water for two weeks thus neutralizing the batteries before putting them in the garbage if you have no other option.

    But now that I know about this, this is what I’ll be doing. I am new to the scene also and only have one old battery.

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