RY Twist, Blackberry and 3 More New E-Liquids

WOW Blackberry Juice

A second set of brand new WOW Vapor e-juice flavors were recently released. They include a tobacco, a couple menthols, a coffee, and a couple of fruit flavors. This entire bunch of new flavors were chosen based upon customer suggestions. My personal favorite of these five is the RY Twist. Read on for a description of each.

Richmond Tobacco Enjoy a classic, smooth tobacco taste perfectly complemented with a handful of sweet flavorings to give you some real southern hospitality.

Blackberry The taste of a sweet, yet tart freshly picked blackberry.

Hazelnut Coffee Coffee and hazelnut are together at last. This delicious morning treat will have you up and running with the taste of freshly ground coffee beans and a touch of hazelnut.

WOW Apple Breeze Juice

RY Twist Sweet tobacco flavor of the RY4 combined with a touch of mango and pear.

Apple Breeze Sour Green Apple and Menthol have joined forces to deliver fruity goodness with the crisp cool sensation of a menthol exhale.

Which of these have you tried? Have you discovered a new favorite vape yet?


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