Should I get the Dial-A-Volt or Vapor Zeus?

A lot of people ask me, “should I get the Vapor Zeus or Dial-A-Volt?” I usually say both, because they are totally different and both revolutionary in their own way. If you have to choose one, then I hope when you’re done reading this you’ll have enough info to decide. Both our Vapor Zeus and Dial-A-Volt batteries come in two versions – manual and auto. Actually the Vapor Zeus Dual Mode – get this – has BOTH options. Very cool. These batteries have a soft touch, just like our Vapor Titan stick batts. They come in 5 colors (black, blue, cigar, green, and magenta). Both the Zeus and DAV are KR808D-threaded and will work with Smileomizers, 808 tanks, CoolCarts and WOW Vapor cartomizers. The main differences between the Zeus and Dial-A-Volt is that the Zeus can be used as a passthrough, and the DAV’s voltage can be adjusted.

Vapor Zeus Batteries

The batts come in 3 sizes (small 650mAh, medium 900mAh, and XL 1300mAh). They can be used as a stand-alone battery or as a passthrough. They consistently vape at 5 volts, so even when the battery is about to “die” (lose its charge), it maintains a high level of power.

Option 1 – If you like:

  • a passthrough option
  • a consistent voltage
  • automatic batteries

then our Vapor Zeus Automatic Battery will be your favorite vaporizer.

Option 2 – If you like:

  • a passthrough option
  • a consistent voltage
  • to switch up between auto and manual batts

then the Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Battery is your best bet.

Vapor Zeus batteries with Ming Vase-tipped Smileomizers

Dial-A-Volt Batteries

They get their name because you can dial in the voltage level you want. You can set them to run at 3.2 volts, all the way up to 4.8 volts. Juices taste different depending on the voltage of your battery.

Option 3 – If you like:

  • automatic batteries
  • to manipulate voltage
  • to play with gadgets

then the Dial-A-Volt Automatic Battery is right for you. This battery is the first of its kind. No other ecig company has developed a variable voltage device that is run with an automatic switch. Many auto batts don’t perform like manuals, so a lot of people prefer manual batteries to automatic. This revolutionary device produces as much vapor as a manual battery, so you can get the kind of experience you enjoy from a manual, but in a hands-free way.

Option 4 – If you like:

  • manual batteries
  • to manipulate voltage
  • to play with gadgets

then choose our Dial-A-Volt Manual Battery. This DAV manual battery has just one difference from the auto version. It has a button on it, that must be pressed to activate it. Many vapers prefer manual batts, and if the same is true for you, then this is the one for you!

So there you have it, a quick and dirty guide to finding your right vape! If you still have questions, just give a shout.

4 thoughts on “Should I get the Dial-A-Volt or Vapor Zeus?

  1. While I loved the Zeus at first, I only use it if I will be out and about for a long period of time, as it does make the vapor taste a little different from the vapor in a regular battery. I guess it’s a matter of preference really; I have no disparaging things to say about the Zeus – it’s just different. After having read this article, I’m thinking I really should have gone with a Dial-A-Volt.

    I still love, love, LOVE the Vapor Titans that I get! I use all my batteries with a tank. I found, with the way I vape (a LOT), the tank works better for me on whichever battery I am using. I use the single coil, 2.0 ohm refill cartridges with the tanks.

    Thank you V4L, for having the best products AND the best customer service out there!

  2. Hello Audrey, a nice write-up on the differences between the DAV and the Zeus, and for whom either might work best, thanks for that.

    What I am missing on this site is a comparison chart giving the exact length and diameter of both products in the S/M/L/XL versions, and some advise/ideas as to why you should want a S/M/L/XL version other than for their different battery-charge. With the Titans & Kings the reasoning seems more obvious: short for a regular cigaret length feel, medium for the ’120′ length feel, etc.

    …just *my* €0.02 worth…

    Kindest regards,

    L. ‘Max’ Tak
    The Netherlands

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