2 thoughts on “Smile-o what Understanding the Smileomizer cartridge

  1. I have tried all sorts of electronic cigarettes and at first i thought it was a new,widely liked and there everywhere i go around my house now but they all pretty much are gimmicks,now when i saw the Vapor 4 life Zeus i fell in love with the amount of vapor coming off the drags, i mean my friend was blowing vapor rings,and so i had to have one and ive had the black used be called a large but its now as i just found out i orderd a new blue one cause all my smileomizers were 3 months old and i missed that first time u Vape off a brand new smileomizer, u fill your cartomizer that real easily at that time if u dont prime it right or u pull the tube too far while filling all your juice is on u well u just wasted half a bottle or ur sucking juice not blowing clouds when u pulled like what seemed like 25 seconds and barely any vapor comes out,and so its like this i get my smileomizer’s i put a few drops cause im always just topping off and wow the taste is excellent its awesome,now i was skeptical but i new what i was being told and how nice they worked from my old dial batteries with tanks u have to prime i mean really u have to be a rocket scientist to get it right and i dont want to learn some thing that should be as easy as opening the cap of the smileomizer opening your favorite juice and and just drop droplets and close your tops and VAPE and how beautiful and clean the taste is im not tasteing new cartomizer taste that is stronger then the liquid is crazy in it self,i think its the best of its kind out there by far and im so happy i live so close to Northbrook or i may have never seen a smileomizer, i wouldnt Vape with out it today! I love it my V4L ZEUS & My Smileomizer’s is always next to me either being marked with a new sticker cause i found a place not far from me that makes the juice the way u like it and then u name your concoction and so i dont mix,one flaver for one smileomizer. And trust me i have a smileomizer for everyday of the week and i just orderd a pack of five more large ones well it has to be just perfect for me to maybe go thru two packs aweek when id finish a carton last spring in 5 to 6 days and thats madness plus i feel good and healthier so V4LIFE THANKS SO MUCH!!! ALWAYS JUSTIN K……..

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