Smoking on the Front Porch

This is a guest post written by LadyStrick9, from Chesapeake, VA who often refers to herself as a “vapaholic”.

Remember Sunday mornings when your kids were little? Years ago, I would sit on my front porch on Sunday mornings, watching my kids running, playing and laughing in my front yard. I love the sound of children’s laughter.

Lazy Mornings

I remember being captivated and enthralled by the beautiful medley of my morning coffee, the Sunday newspaper, and, of course, my ever-present “XYZ 100’s” brand cigarette. That small, wonderful device dispatched the potion, the nectar, the answer to my constant cravings. It was always gracefully perched between my first knuckle and the tip of my finger.

Savory Satisfaction

I don’t recall every detail of those golden mornings with my children, I do remember being focused on what truly mattered – that small white cylinder shaped roll of what I craved constantly throughout the day. I remember scanning the news headlines, pausing at the “funny papers” and being so completely absorbed in satisfying my cravings that I didn’t have a clue whether those adorable children playing in my front yard were actually my children.

Photo courtesy of Sonja Lovas.

Cigarettes Ruled My Day

There are many more examples of how my 40+ year addiction repeatedly controlled my days, my nights, and even my thoughts. I made no plans that did not accommodate my addiction and habit. Wherever I went, I knew where and when I could squeeze in a quick smoke. I always had the urge to smoke, even after I’d just squished a cigarette butt into a smelly ashtray. I even wanted to smoke when I had just minutes before chucked a butt out the car window as I drove past a “$500 Fine for Littering” sign, while listening to the radio news about a forest fire caused by a cigarette tossed carelessly from a car window.

Trying ECigs

I didn’t want to be a smoker, but I didn’t want to quit smoking. Like many of my vaping friends, I started with some companies that genuinely tested my determination. My phone calls to their customer service departments commonly resembled the conversations I have with my teenage grandsons or their friends, incoherent some of the time and frustrating all the time. The responses I received were filled with “uh”, “er” and “umm”. Finally, after waiting five times longer for a delivery than promised, I received a less than functional product.

Finding Vapor4Life

In my frustration, I began to sneak the occasional cigarette. One night, while scouring Facebook, I stumbled on a company that sounded “too good to be true”. Surely, the reviews were staged, but I went ahead and ordered a Vapor4Life starter kit on December 9, 2011. When my order arrived three days later, I became a committed vaper! The switch has shocked my family, friends and even myself with the success I have experienced. That proved that the reviews I read initially were honest and true.


Now my Sunday mornings on the front porch are different. I still have my coffee and newspaper, children still laugh and play in the yard, my cravings are satisfied, but I’m not littering the landscape, and I don’t smell like an ashtray.

You can usually find LadyStrick9 on the V4L Forum “networking with members and guests”.

7 thoughts on “Smoking on the Front Porch

  1. WTG, LS9!!!! I’m so proud of you!! I know you put your heart into it, and it shows…well done, and perfecto!!!

    Big hugs and lotsa <3!!!!

    • You need to be firm with your partner. You want to quit and seieng other people smoke is even worse for you.If you haven’t already, ban smoking inside the house. From now on, make yourself and your partner smoke outside. This kind of breaks some habits (smoking first thing in the morning, smoking after a meal) and makes breaking more easier.After a meal and first thing in the morning, try to force yourself to go an extra 30 min to an hour without allowing yourself a cigarette. The more habits you break, the easier it will become to cut back dramatically. When you are down to say five cigarettes a day imagine how much easier it will be to cut down to 2.. then 1 . then poof! No more.The key is to break habits. Yes there is nicotine addiction but I found that the urge to light up in the car, during coffee, after meals, etc was stronger just because i would associate those things with cigarettes. Forcing myself NOT to light up immediately really helped with phasing it out all together.

  2. well for me and my hubby , i quit 1st i quit for 3 mothns , then went back , but for 6 mothns went to 2-3 cigs a day,even had a tubal reversal surgery, got pregnant 4 mothns later ,then i QUIT the day i found out , but sadly miscarried at 7 weeks, not because of smoking, or my surgery , it was my progesterone levels were low, and also , my husband did his ***** test 2 yrs ago, and it was at 14 mil, 2 years later and he cut down BIG time, and his count went UP 2 mil, so smoking does makes it harder, and it will take you longer, but i know how you feel . its hard , but you have to think what important to you, and then decide, but i would have 1 person quit 1st then have your husband cut down at least

    • As a smoker myelsf, I can honestly tell you that most people who truly enjoy smoking have absolutely no desire to quit. They know they should because there’s a good chance they could end up with emphysema, cancer, etc., but they’re not overly worried about it.Short of them being diagnosed with a smoking related disease (or, God forbid, YOU being diagnosed with a disease related to their smoking), nothing you tell them, no arguments you make about why smoking is bad, and no grotesque pictures of diseased lungs you show them will get them to stop smoking.Your parents are fully aware of what smoking is doing to them, but they’re not going to quit until they really want (or have) to.

  3. CONGRATS on cutting down on the smionkg!! TRY thinking about your newborn child would you inhale smoke and blow it in his/her face? Tell your partner NOT to smoke around you that way if you dont see it and focus on something else you wont be tempted to light another one up. Start thinking about other things, about your baby. LEAVE YOUR SELF OUT OF STRESSFUL POSITIONS, it just leads to wanting to smoke (I should know =]) When i found out i was prego, i kicked the habbit that same day!!! just throw them away, dont tell yourself ill quit after this pack is gone becuase then you never end up quiting. hope one of these things help you.

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