Ecig-friendly and ecig bans list

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If you haven’t noticed, e-cigarettes are quickly gaining popularity! That’s great news for us vapers. However, now that more people are becoming aware of these awesome devices there are more people opposed to them as well. We need your help! We are keeping two lists – one has places that have banned ecigs, the other has places that are vape-friendly. We will keep this list updated with your comments, so please tell us the places in your neighborhood that either ban or welcome ecigs. You can post in the comment section below. Let’s see how extensive we can get!

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ECigs vs. Traditional Cigs

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Most people who switch from using traditional cigarettes (analogs) to using electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) are able to do so easily because the products are very similar. Here are two lists pointing out the similarities and differences between them:

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