Just The Facts

This is a guest post written by Keyzygirl from Key West, Florida. Laid back and vaping in paradise.

When I was out the other day I noticed someone watching me vape. He seemed to be amazed by it. He finally came over and asked what I was smoking. I went through the spiel of how I am not smoking and no smoke is involved. I explained about ecigs and vapor and how much better I feel since I started. He seemed interested so I gave him a V4L card. His friend doubted the whole thing. While she puffed her cigarette she suggested that ecigs could be dangerous.

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My Life Change

This is a guest post written by Clover, a college student and vapaholic from the Midwest.

14 Months Ago

When I first heard of e-cigs, I didn’t think of them as something serious. They had to be just a gimmick. But when I was getting desperate for a solution, I thought why not? What did I have to lose besides a few bucks? Plus, I could always return it. When I decided to begin vaping, I didn’t have much support. I bought my first kit and my boyfriend said I was wasting my money. Who could blame him? Once the package arrived, and I started using my e-cig, I loved it. To his surprise, I haven’t looked back since.

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