How smoking makes your computer sick

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Interested in making your desktop computer sick real quick? No? Well then why are you smoking near your computer? One way to get your computer to stop working at full performance is to smoke cigarettes by your computer. Computers have air vents to allow air to flow through and cool down the engine. The part of the computer that acts as a cooling device is called a heat sink. Tobacco smoke is sticky so when it gets inside the computer, dust clings to it easier and that clogs the fans. Over time this clogging will eventually make the fans stop working.

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USB Passthroughs

Vapor King Manual Passthrough

A USB passthrough is a device that allows one to vape continuously without having to worry about recharging their e-cigarette. It is basically a battery with a cord attached. The end of the cord is a USB plug. They are also called “passthrus,” and “PTs.”

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