WOW Vapor DJ Black E-Liquid Review

This is a guest post by Rantz, who writes surrounded by a cloud of vapor.

A good “Clove” is hard to come by.

More accurately, to replicate a traditional “analog” clove cigarette experience, is a difficult task.  This is in no small part due to the manufacturers of traditional “Kretek” cigarettes… Djarum, Samporena, and the like… guarding their “Sauce” recipes with a diligence and paranoid fervor only matched by certain cola companies.  It’s because the Sauce (and yes, it is actually called that) is the blend of spices and flavorings that the tobacco is steeped in that gives each brand of clove cigarettes their unique aroma, taste, and (to use the wine parlance) “nose”.  Avid clove smokers can tell you blindfolded the difference between not only a manufacturer, but also the difference in a particular manufacturer’s “brand”.

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