“Smoking” electronic cigars

[Image courtesy of http://bit.ly/16nlRlw]

The cigar Nazis are out in full force. There are more than 35 states where you can’t have that great steak and go to the bar and enjoy an after-dinner cocktail. Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse. But my friends, don’t be discouraged. I, like many cigar smokers, laughed at the idea of an electronic cigar. The ones I tasted were disposable, and I felt like I was smoking mud.

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Cigar smokers, the future is here!

I had no idea what an electronic cigarette or e-cigar was until recently. I was as skeptical as the next guy. What intrigued me was how a company could replicate the experience of a cigar other than smoking the real thing. Our owner, Steve Milin, assured me it would be great, and it’s as close to the real thing with some positive exceptions. My clothes don’t stink, my car doesn’t stink, and best of all, I don’t have to pick a “battle” with my bride to smoke in the house when the weather sucks.

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