How to fill an ecig with juice

Some ecigs come ready to use right out of the package. Some ecigs need to be filled with juice before you can use them. The advantages to filling ecigs yourself are that you can mix flavors together and save money. Here are four different cartridges for ecigs, and how to fill them.

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Finding the Perfect Vape: Vaping Tips from BHam

What’s up vapers?! BHam is back with some tips to help you find the perfect vape you’ve been looking for. I’ve been vaping for over two years now (and feel damn good about it too), but it hasn’t always been the smoothest of sailing. Not because I didn’t  have great gear to start with, I just wasn’t using any of it for my needs.

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Blowin’ Smoke Higher than the Eiffel Tower

“In three cases out of 10, for products with or without nicotine, the content of formaldehyde was as much as the levels found in some conventional cigarettes.” This is a statement from a French study that claims that e-cigs produce carcinogens similar to traditional cigarettes. Not only as a vaper but as a SMART and THOROUGH individual, I think this is BS, and I’ll tell you why.

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What’s Buzzin’ Vaping Cousin?

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This is a guest blog post by Via.

Did you know that Wednesday, July 24th was National Cousin’s Day? No, I didn’t either! But, luckily, Vapor4Life had a National Cousin’s Day Sale, which reminded me to call my favorite cousin!

My Favorite Cousin

I began smoking in 1967, and my favorite Cousin, Olivia, was right there with me, every step of the way. At family gatherings, we were always sent out to “the back 40″ to indulge in our stinky hobby; and no amount of being banned, no amount of pleading was going to deter us! We were both skinny then because we were busy smoking and not waiting in line for Gramma’s freshly churned ice cream and Auntie’s peach pie, still warm from the oven! Yum, yum!

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Vaping flavors hits (& misses)

Discontinued Holiday Sampler Pack

Vapor4Life carries over 150 flavors of e-liquid and cartomizers. In the past four years of business, we’ve seen a lot of flavors come and go. Some we can’t keep on the shelves, while others were not so popular. A few favorites include WOW Peppermint, Smilin Special Menthol, Coffee, Grape, Cinnablaze, Peacemaker Peppermint, Kamel, and Wowboy.

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How wine is like e-juice

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This is guest post written by Via, an e-cig enthusiast living in Jacksonville, Florida.

Many years ago, I accepted a job to do the accounting for a small California winery in Amador County. At the time, all I knew about wine was “Mad Dog 20/20″ would make you sicker than a dog, and that Mateus tasted pretty bad.

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WOW Vapor DJ Black E-Liquid Review

This is a guest post by Rantz, who writes surrounded by a cloud of vapor.

A good “Clove” is hard to come by.

More accurately, to replicate a traditional “analog” clove cigarette experience, is a difficult task.  This is in no small part due to the manufacturers of traditional “Kretek” cigarettes… Djarum, Samporena, and the like… guarding their “Sauce” recipes with a diligence and paranoid fervor only matched by certain cola companies.  It’s because the Sauce (and yes, it is actually called that) is the blend of spices and flavorings that the tobacco is steeped in that gives each brand of clove cigarettes their unique aroma, taste, and (to use the wine parlance) “nose”.  Avid clove smokers can tell you blindfolded the difference between not only a manufacturer, but also the difference in a particular manufacturer’s “brand”.

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How To Fill An Electronic Cigarette Tank

Tank on EGO

A tank is a cartomizer surrounded by an acrylic tank. It has a long silver cartomizer, an acrylic tube, and two end caps that have rubber gaskets on either side of the tube. The cart can be completely removed from the tank so it can be cleaned. Tanks are fully compatible with Vapor4Life’s Vapor King and Vapor Titan Manual Batteries, EGO, OMG All Day, and OMG VV.

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Get your juice away from the heat!

This is a guest post written by a fire spinner from the Midwest.

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I got some vapemail today and was excited to try a new juice flavor, but something was odd.  This juice which was listed as a vibrant orange wasn’t orange at all.  It was more of an off brown color.  I didn’t want to taste the juice because I knew it was cooked.

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