Breaking the Chains – How I made the switch from smoking to vaping

VaporVamp with her magenta Dial-A-Volt Automatic Battery

This is a guest blog post by VaporVamp.

I’ve been a secret prisoner of cigarettes for almost 15 years. I smoked the first thing in the morning. I would smoke any chance I could during the workday, even smoking at my desk since I work from home. Sometimes, I would wake up in the middle of the night and smoke. I always had to make sure I had enough cigarettes and lighters. Despite my dedication to smoking and my resistance to quit, I was constantly worried about the smell offending others (and I knew the health risks). I left my doors and windows open at home as often as possible. I bought about 25 different perfumes, all purse sized, so I could carry them with me and use them right before I met people. I had a whole routine of putting on hand cream and a dab of perfume and popping a breath mint before meeting friends for lunch or coffee. I didn’t want to be the “stinky smoker.”

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